When in Rome…

You would be hard pressed to find a city with more art, culture and history than the Eternal City. Rome is a giant collection of museum after museum documenting the beginning and development of Western Civilization. And life amongst the ruins is truly la dolce vita: fashionable dressed Romans love their cafes and al fresco dining. Rome does not disappoint.


Considered one of the world’s greatest architectural and engineering achievements, this ancient Roman arena sits in the center of the city. Don’t miss the recently opened gladiator quarters below the arena floor.


Photo by Outbound Adventurer.

Roman Forum

Originally a large marketplace, the Forum became the center of Roman life for centuries. Gladiator games, parades and public speeches all took place there.


Photo by Stuart Allan.


Completed in 127 AD, the Pantheon contains the world’s largest non-reinforced concrete dome.


Photo by Kim Briggs the mangiacakewife.

Vatican City

A city within a city, the center of the Catholic church has its own money, diplomatic corps and militia: the Swiss Guard in has been in service to the Pope since the 15th century.


Photo by Clair Sldvr.

Piazza Navona

A beautiful square with al fresco restaurants and charming cafes, this bustling piazza is home to Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Kolor stitching | 2 pictures | Size: 4166 x 2296 | FOV: 60.35 x 34.75 ~ 8.41 | RMS: 3.50 | Lens: Standard | Projection: Planar | Color: LDR |

Kolor stitching | 2 pictures | Size: 4166 x 2296 | FOV: 60.35 x 34.75 ~ 8.41 | RMS: 3.50 | Lens: Standard | Projection: Planar | Color: LDR |

Photo by Chasing Adventure.

Trevi Fountain

The world’s most famous fountain marked the end of the Virgo Aqueduct which brought fresh water to to Roman bathhouses. Bernini contributed greatly to its final form.


Photo by Where Next.

Galleria Borghese

With limited entry for just a few visitors, you will need to get tickets in advance to view this impressive collection of art.


Photo by Ioana Curcan.

Capuchin Crypt

Akin to the Catacombs of Paris, the bones of hundreds of Capuchin friars are arranged in a macabre art display to remind visitors of the swiftness of life.


Photo by Mark Dickinson.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, it was originally built as a burial place for the Emperor and his family but later became a papal palace.


Photo by Karla Mendoza Voigt.

Spanish Steps

The longest staircase in Europe sponsored by the Spanish Bourbons in the 18th century. This storied staircase offers some of the best people watching in all of Rome.


Photo by John Flores.

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7 Summer Trips to Plan on Trover This Year

Did you know… not only is Trover the perfect place for posting your own travel photos, but also for getting inspiration and planning future summer trips?

A great place to start are the literally thousands of great lists filled with curated photos and discoveries from around the world. Here are 7 of our favorites to get the inspiration flowing as you plan your summer trips!

1. Explore Europe

You know you’ve always wanted to see the Colosseum in Rome, the Tower Bridge in London, the picturesque Nyhavn in Copenhagen, and the thousands of other stunning and historic sites throughout Europe – so what’s keeping you from finally going?! You have a list full of all the inspiration you could ever need right here!

Trover photo by Bill Dillard

Trover photo by Johan Koke

Trover photo by Nick Bond


2. Iconic Places Around the World

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Neuschwanstein Castle…it’s time to make these global icons more than postcards and screensavers – check out our list of favorites and begin your bucket list planning yesterday!

Trover photo by Betina Winsig Hansen

Trover photo by Elza Hayen

Trover photo by cherishka@NomNomNomads


3. Gorgeous Beaches Around the World

Grab the sunscreen, a good book, and your favorite cocktail, cause this summer has a beach with your name on it! From Catseye Beach in Australia to Praia Do Amado in Portugal and the thousands of others in between, there’s sure to be a beach destination that can fit into your plans this summer.

Trover photo by Mel T

Trover photo by Henrique Santos


4. Explore New Zealand

New Zealand may be known best as the filming location for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, but the country boasts enough natural beauty and exhilarating activities to demand more than just a quick visit. So plan a trip to explore New Zealand and stay a while!

Trover photo by MapNomads

Trover photo by Stoked for Saturday


5. Ancient Ruins & Temples

If you have a soft spot for history, mythology, or religion, a tour of the world’s many ancient ruins and temples may be the right summer trip for you. From the Prambanan Temple in Indonesia to the Acropolis of Athens, there’s no shortage of history to uncover this summer!

Trover photo by Bien Nguyen

Trover photo by David Bjorgen


6. Surf Spots

From the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia to Otaki Beach in New Zealand, there are hundreds of sick surf spots around the world. Venture outside your Californian comfort zone this summer and find new waters to play in!

Trover photo by Simon Ferguson

Trover photo by Stoked for Saturday


7. Camping Spots Around the World

Traveling on a budget this summer? Want to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with nature? Got a van full of kids that need to learn survival skills? Whether you explore Big Pine, California or the coast of Baja California in Mexico, there are thousands of prime camping spots around the world that can satisfy your travel needs this summer!

Trover photo by Bernini

Trover photo by The Adventure Junkies


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Guide to Rome

Filled with ancient Roman history, stunning Renaissance buildings, fountains and beautiful squares, Rome is truly a traveler’s paradise.

And if history isn’t your thing, the Eternal City also has a vibrant nightlife, incredible restaurants and high fashion shopping.

Experience this city as never before with our very own Guide to Rome.

1. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain is one of the most popular tourist landmarks in Rome. It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world.

Make a wish at Trevi Fountain                                                                                   Photo by: Krassi Hristova

Tip: Be sure to toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish. Continue reading

The Ultimate Holiday: Christmas in Rome

Pulpit of St. Peter's Basilica

The heart of Christendom – the pulpit of St. Peter’s Basilica. Photo by Sean.

‘Tis the season to make plans for the holidays.

But before you book another trip to Mom and Dad’s, take a moment. Don’t those traditional holidays sometimes feel a little… uninspired? 

What if this year you did something a little different? What if you considered a different sort of classic Christmas? Continue reading