Trover 101: Introducing the Superfollow!

There’s a lot of love going around on Trover. We see it every day when you guys thank each other for posting incredible discoveries from around the world, comment with kind words of encouragement, and tell other users that you like their photos by adding them to your own lists. We love that!

Now we’ve added another feature to allow you to share the love and stay up-to-speed on the Trovers you love to follow: the Superfollow! This feature is very simple: when you Superfollow someone on the website or Android and iOS apps, you will receive a notification when they post new discoveries. How awesome is that?! No more missing out on incredible shots by your favorite Trovers.

To Superfollow someone on Trover, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Make sure you’re following the user!

Superfollowing the awesome Chrystal Hutchinson is a great place to start!


Step 2: Click on the star next to the follow button


Et voila! If the star is red, you are now Superfollowing this user and will get notifications when they post new photos!

To unSuperfollow the user, just click the red star again. Users will not be notified when you Superfollow or unSuperfollow them.


Same process for iOS and Android:


We hope you enjoy the new Superfollow feature on Trover! If you have any questions or feedback on this or any other Trover feature, shoot us a note at And of course, to stay up to speed on everything we’re up to, don’t forget to Superfollow us on Trover and (regular) follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest!