#SweetSpot Photo Sweepstakes Winner

Savor this sweet find centuries in the making! Jim Gillespie’s delectable discovery from Lisbon is a regional treat concocted in the 18th century by an order of Catholic monks. This enlightening egg pastry is also the winning entry of the #SweetSpot Photo Sweepstakes! Congratulations to Jim who snagged the $1500 Expedia travel prize!

Close up of egg tart pastry on bag and table

Jim Gillespie’s winning #SweetSpot discovery from Lisbon, Portugal.

This bite-sized treat and historic tidbit originated in local monasteries as a secret recipe passed down through the ages. Jim describes the pastel de nata from Pastéis de Belém as “the most famous and the best in Portugal.” Save room to sate your sweet tooth, but be sure to pack your patience. “The pastry shop/cafe is always busy and the line to get seated or order to-go is always long… I tried the pastel de nata from other shops in Lisbon, but, Pastéis de Belém is truly unique and the best.” Sounds like this treat is worth the wait! Thank you, Jim, for sharing this delightful #SweetSpot and travel tip. Check out Jim’s other discoveries and follow him on Trover to get the dish on his next travel find. Congrats, Jim!

Explore the full #SweetSpot collection to get a taste of travel and to thank your fellow Trovers! Thank you to everyone who shared your #SweetSpot! Your picture-perfect gelato petals, fabulous French toast, splurge-worthy fine dining, and colorful candy kebabs left us wide-eyed and drooling. Keep sharing your mouthwatering discoveries and culinary hot spots!

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New Photo Sweepstakes – Share Your Favorite #SweetSpot

Cookies and candies and cakes, oh my! Trover’s got a sweet tooth, so we’re seeking sugary finds from your favorite #SweetSpot! Give us the scoop on the most drool-worthy desserts and tasty treats for a chance to win $1500 for travel.

Bird's nest baklava on white plate with tea in the background.

Share your #SweetSpot photo to win $1500 for travel! Photo by Kate Stella.

From your neighborhood coffee shop serving heavenly donuts to the gourmet cafe dishing up sinful desserts, share your photos & tips on where to indulge in tantalizing treats. Have you tasted Taipei’s Hello Kitty cake or savored the too-pretty-to-eat bird’s nest baklava of Istanbul? Get in the mix to win a $1500 Expedia Travel Prize when you tell Trover about your favorite #SweetSpot!

Share your photos by Nov 27, 2017. Write a few lines about your discovery and tag each one #SweetSpot to enter our sweepstakes for a $1500 Expedia Travel Prize. The more you share, the better your chances. Easy as pie!

#SweetSpot Photo Sweepstakes – a photo list by Trover

How to Enter the #SweetSpot Photo Sweepstakes:

1) Upload an original photo of an interesting discovery or experience that prominently features desserts or fits the #SweetSpot theme. You can upload to Trover.com or the iOS App or Android AppBe sure to upload before the contest ends at 11.59 p.m. PT on 27 November 2017.

2) Write a couple of lines about your discovery. This could be details about the destination or activity, tips on how to find it or what to do there, or any interesting facts or stories about your discovery. Include “#SweetSpot” in the description field.

3) Et voila! You’re entered to win the $1500 Expedia voucher!

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