#OnTheRoad Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to our three #OnTheRoad winners, James Ng, Robb Image, and Iain McLean! Deciding among so many awesome finds was a tough task for Trover Ambassador’s Love + Road!  The hypnotic highway, isolated crossroads & famous lone tree stood out as beautiful photos and unique travel insights! See the images below and get in-depth details from the photographers behind the lens.

Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge

James Ng’s #OnTheRoad Discovery from Japan

“The photo was taken during my journey to see the earliest blossom of Sakura in Japan. I saw a video about this circular loop bridge while searching information on the internet and I thought it would be really awesome if I took a photo from above it with my drone. In fact, the design of the road was great and so I shared it on Trover.” – James Ng

95 Nevada

Empty crossroads with street signs and blue sky

Robb Image’s #OnTheRoad Discovery from Nevada

“Open spaces and the open road speak to me in the sense that they are similar to an ongoing movie. Like a thriller where you are anticipating what’s around the next bend, it’s the anticipation. Capturing the open nothingness is a bit harder to express in an interesting manner. Like a muse the scene just has to unfold, if you allow your inner vision to happen, trust your art and extinct. I really try to see the light, it’s one of the few times when harsh sunlight can help a composition, setting the scene is like trying to tell a story about nothing. Which is completely different than the vastness of nature as in a typical landscape.” – Robb Image

That Wanaka Tree

Iain McLean’s #OnTheRoad Discovery from New Zealand.

“The Tree at Lake Wanaka is actually a bucket list shot for me. On our current road trip around New Zealand I actually looked forward to this 6am wake up the most. The tranquil calmness, colours of sunrise and the strange placement of this tree bring a feeling of relaxation I cannot describe.” – Iain McLean

Congrats to each of you for being phenomenal photographers and avid explorers. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures on Trover—enjoy your $500 Expedia travel prizes!

Thank you to all of the Trover community for sharing your epic insights discovered #OnTheRoad. Explore the full list for more roadside wonder!