Prepare for Take Off…Trover is now part of the Expedia family!


Hi Trovers,

We are thrilled to announce that Trover has been acquired by Expedia. We are the newest member in their family of travel’s most well-known brands including names like,, trivago and HomeAway. Expedia’s mission is to “revolutionize travel through technology,” and they believe Trover’s beautiful content and social experience is a great fit with this mission. We can’t imagine higher recognition for our community. Congrats to all of us!

With over 450 million visitors across its brand websites every month, Expedia can dramatically increase the reach of Trover. This means your photos will have a much larger impact. Hopefully, many new visitors will see and be inspired by your travels. We’re also betting that some of these visitors will join our community, adding new voices, relationships, and killer images that fuel our passion for adventure.

We expect the Trover experience will get a boost from Expedia, too. We’ll have a strong partner as we continue to build Trover and explore new ways to turn travel dreams into action.

Thank you Trovers! Your curiosity and talent have driven our little team for the past five years. We’re over-the-moon excited for the next leg of our journey together. Any questions? Reach us at

Buckle up!

Jason & the Trover Team


Photo of La Casa del Arbol by Chelsea Jennings

Trover 101: Introducing Cover Photos for Lists!

You work hard to make your photos look as good as possible. You also work hard to put together beautiful and interesting lists of travel photos you find here on Trover. Shouldn’t those lists be something you want to show off to family and friends and other world travelers? We think so.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce a brand new feature for the Trover website: Cover Photos for Lists! With Cover Photos, you can bring your your Bucket List to life, show off your most beautiful discoveries, and capture the mood of a trip-planning inspiration list.

Cover Photos for Lists on Trover


Adding your own Cover Photos for Lists couldn’t be easier:

Simply hover your cursor over the gear icon that appears on a discovery in list-view and select “Use as cover photo.

Cover Photos for Lists on Trover


The page will reload, and the top portion of your selected discovery will now appear as the cover photo! To change the cover photo for your list, simply repeat the same process with a new photo.

This feature is currently only available on the desktop version of, but keep your eyes on the Trover Blog for announcements in the future about Cover Photos on mobile apps and other exciting product features!


Trover 101: Introducing the Superfollow!

There’s a lot of love going around on Trover. We see it every day when you guys thank each other for posting incredible discoveries from around the world, comment with kind words of encouragement, and tell other users that you like their photos by adding them to your own lists. We love that!

Now we’ve added another feature to allow you to share the love and stay up-to-speed on the Trovers you love to follow: the Superfollow! This feature is very simple: when you Superfollow someone on the website or Android and iOS apps, you will receive a notification when they post new discoveries. How awesome is that?! No more missing out on incredible shots by your favorite Trovers.

To Superfollow someone on Trover, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Make sure you’re following the user!

Superfollowing the awesome Chrystal Hutchinson is a great place to start!


Step 2: Click on the star next to the follow button


Et voila! If the star is red, you are now Superfollowing this user and will get notifications when they post new photos!

To unSuperfollow the user, just click the red star again. Users will not be notified when you Superfollow or unSuperfollow them.


Same process for iOS and Android:


We hope you enjoy the new Superfollow feature on Trover! If you have any questions or feedback on this or any other Trover feature, shoot us a note at And of course, to stay up to speed on everything we’re up to, don’t forget to Superfollow us on Trover and (regular) follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest!


How to Post Discoveries to Trover

Trover has been dubbed the baby of Instagram and TripAdvisor or a kind of Pinterest for travelers.

But what exactly is it and how do you use it?

In a nutshell, Trover is a place for travelers, explorers, and wanderers of all kinds. It’s free on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the Web.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.55.51 PM

From renowned landmarks to local gems, Trover is a place where you can find and share adventures with a community who shares your passion for exploration.

ProTrover Tip: All of the photos and descriptions on Trover are user-created originals. Please only upload photos that meet that criteria and our Terms and Conditions.

Getting Started on Trover

The #1 thing that many people do on Trover is share their travel stories. Here’s how to upload your first discovery.


1. How to Upload a Photo on Trover

You can add photos to Trover via mobile upload or via your desktop computer.




Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.39.46 PM

ProTrover Tip: If you are uploading photos from your desktop computer, you can even add photos from your Facebook or Instagram profile.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.50.08 PM

2. Pick your photo and geo-tag it.

When you pick a photo to post, think about what travel lovers want to see. Photos that are beautiful, well-lit, and in-focus make the best discoveries.

This photo works!


Adding a location is a crucial step! It lets other Trovers know exactly where you found something awesome and how to find it for themselves.

Select the correct location from the list – or if it’s missing, create a new entry for it. Either way, you’re helping other explorers enjoy your great discovery. Yay for good travel karma!


3. Share details about the place in the description field.

Keep in mind, the best descriptions are helpful to others. This can take the form of a personal recommendations or travel tip, general comment on the experience, or even an inspiring story about your journey to that destination.

ProTrover Tip: Use Trover to create a visual collection all of your travel journeys!


Here’s another example of a great description:

961420_10152921104106185_1380443835_n (1)

Here’s another example of a great description:


4. Share it! 

One last step, hit the post button and share your discovery. Easy peasy!


To see some awesome discoveries on Trover, check out what our Top Trovers are posting and then get cracking! #TroveOn Explorer!

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