National Park Photo Contest Winner

Between April 14th and 28th, we held a National Park photo contest and asked for your best shots and, boy, did you guys deliver!

We were showered with thousands of inspiring and beautiful entries from national parks from all corners of the globe, but unfortunately there could only be one winner.

Without further ado, we would like to give a big congratulations to our winner Rachel Samanyi, who shared this stunner from Horseshoe Bend National Military Park in Arizona!

Horseshoe Bend National Park

Enjoy your $1500 and keep exploring, Rachel!

If you want to connect with Rachel you can find her on TroverTwitterInstagram, and her photography website.

Finally if you want to check out the complete list of entries, click here.

Until the next contest, guys!

5 Delectable Street Food Experiences Around the World

If you love the smell, the scrumptious look, and the incredible taste of authentic street food, you’ll want to pay attention.

Here are 5 street food venues around the world that’ll satisfy your craving for dangerously delicious food:

*Click each photo for more details and foodie travel tips.

1. Lau Pa Sat, Singapore.

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#NationalPark Contest Ending Soon!

Have you been to a national park before? Snapped a shot while you were there?

If you have, upload your photos to Trover before our #NationalPark photo contest ends on Tuesday April 28th. You really won’t want to miss out on the chance to win the grand prize of $1500, so get to it!

Trover National Park Contest

 And if you need a reminder on how to enter…

1) Upload an original photo taken at a national park to Trover.

2) Write a great description about your photo and experience. This could be anything from travel tips you may have for other visitors to your general impressions and memories of the place.

3) Include “#NationalPark” in the details field.

4) Voilà–you’re entered to win $1500!

For a more detailed explanation of how to enter a Trover contest, check out our How to Enter a Trover Contest blog post.

Remember, this contest is a sweepstakes. The more awesome national park photos you upload, the better your chances of winning!

If you’ve already posted some national park photos to Trover, just edit your photos to include “#NationalPark” in the description, and they’ll be entered for the contest.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

Questions? Talk to us at

10 Places in Madrid to Add to Your Bucket List

Madrid–it’s the capital and quite literally at the heart of Spain.

Although there are many more than 10 must-sees in Madrid, here are some we think you should be sure to include on your Spanish bucket list:

1. Iglesia de San Francisco de Sales

Trover photo by Esther Levy

Trover photo by Esther Levy

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Follow Friday: Introducing World of Voyage

For this week’s follow Friday, we have decided to highlight one inspiring, wanderlusting Trover.

Meet World of Voyage!

world of voyage

Name: Christina Czubak

Hometown: I’m lucky enough to be from a city considered one of the most beautiful in the world: Paris. But I’m currently traveling my way around the world between Europe, Asia and Australia.

Occupation: I became a full time traveller in 2014 after my studies.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever eaten while traveling? I’ve been to the best place for weird food (Bangkok) but I still haven’t tried scorpions or cockroaches yet! Still, as I’m French, I like stuffed snails amongst other things. I think that’s quite weird!

What’s your #1 way of connecting with locals in new places? Smile!! Smiling is an international language. Wherever you are and whether you speak the language of the country you’re exploring or not, the locals will be more open-minded towards someone who looks happy. That’s the key to every conversation!

What is the scariest thing you’ve done while traveling? Traveling solo through South East Asia. Landing in a country I didn’t know anything about (except for a few historical highlights), where I couldn’t speak the same language as the locals, and where I didn’t know how the locals would behave was a very confusing and scary experience because I was completely lost.

Why I like Trover: Trover is one of my favorite travel app as it helps me to plan my journeys and look for not only the highlights of a specific place but also the hidden gems spotted by other users. It’s a great helpful community for any wanderluster as you’ll almost always find the exact location of a place of a picture you’ve liked.

When traveling, it is most important to…keep your eyes wide open and say yes to every adventure, as it might turn into one of the best experiences of your life. fixedw_large_4x (11)

Check out Christina’s world bucket list and connect with her on: