9 Gorgeous Rivers From Around The World

Wherever they carve a path, rivers are integral to the ecosystem, provide sources of freshwater, and have been crucial for transportation throughout history. They’re also a great reminder to just go with the flow! Whether you’re looking for white-water rafting or a lazy afternoon cruise, rivers are always a fun place to spend some time. Soak up the natural beauty and wonder of famous waterways of the world with our current picks for 9 gorgeous rivers.

1.  Blanco River in Hualaihué, Chile

2. Nile River in Ezbet Toukh, Egypt

Nile River in Ezbet Toukh

Photo by Lilia

3. Verdon River in Aiguines, France

Verdon River in Aiguines, France

Photo by Bem Sortido

4. Fjaðrá River in Fjaðrárgljúfur Iceland

Fjaðrá river in Fjaðrárgljúfur Iceland

Photo by David Martin

5.  Caño Cristales in La Macarena, Colombia

Caño Cristales river in Columbia

Photo by Houdac

6. Yangtze River in Hubei, China

Yangtze River in Hubei, China

Photo by lakshmi

7. Balbina River in Brazil

Balbina River in Brazil

Photo by Jill Langlois

8. Colorado River in Fremont County, Colorado

9. Thames River in London, England

Thames River in London, England

Photo by Wing Li

We’re always looking for more discoveries, so hop in the Trove and add yours today! If you like these photos, check out our list of exquisite waterfalls – you won’t be disappointed!