Northern Lights: 13 Dazzling Norway Discoveries

Known for its expansive mountainous landscapes, oil exports, and being a leader in the Winter Olympic Games, the Kingdom of Norway is also a pioneer in organizational office supplies, as it gave the world the paperclip in the early 20th century! Paperclip claim aside, the country of Norway is filled with stunning natural scenery, charming fishing villages, and the entrancing northern lights, or aurora borealis. To celebrate these Norwegian wonders, we’ve assembled stunning Scandinavian sights from across the Kingdom of Norway.

1. Parkplatz, Nordland Fylke

2. Preikestolen, Rogaland Fylke

People standing at edge of cliff

Photo by Jim Nix

3. Aurora Borealis in Unstad Beach, Nordland Fylke

Green northern lights display

Photo by Kathleen Croft

4. Oslo City Hall in Oslo

Intricately painted room

Photo by Dominik Gehl

5. Sakrisøy Rorbuer AS, Nordland Fylke

6. Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo

People in courtyard

Photo by Dominik Gehl

7. Nærøyfjorden, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Person in red jacket standing at shoreline in Norwegian fjord

Photo by Jelle Canipel

8. Voss, Hordaland Fylke

9. Moskenes, Reine

10. Sakrisøya in The Lofoten Islands

11. Kjeragbolten boulder in Forsand, Rogaland Fylke

Boulder lodged between cliff faces

Photo by Earth Trekkers

12. Laukvik, a fishing village, in Lofoten

Racks of drying fish with northern lights in background

Photo by johan Wieland

13. Uttakleiv Beach, Nordland Fylke

Shoreline with tidepools

Photo by igorcapitani

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