10 Terrifying Bridges Around the World

Do you have Gephyrophobia, the fear of bridges? Or are you a thrill-seeking adventure junkie, always looking for new heights to conquer? Either way, the world is full of daunting bridges to explore, or to avoid at all costs. We don’t judge.

Here are 10 terrifying bridges that give us some major feels:

1. The Atlantic Ocean Road in Møre og Romsdal, Norway

Trover photo by Christer Olsen

2. Highline179 in Reutte, Austria

Trover photo by Michal Bošina

3. The Millau Viaduct in Millau, France

Trover photo by Chasing Adventure

4. The Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay in Mörsdorf, Germany

Trover photo by Ruud Castelijns

5. The Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton, Washington

Trover photo by Evan Muscat

6. The Bridge to Gaztelugatxe, Spain

Trover photo by Nicole Smelson

7. Royal Gorge Bridge in Fremont County, Colorado

Trover photo by Monika Christopherson

8. This footbridge on Aiguille de la Bérangère in France

Trover photo by Marcin Siwy

9. El Caminito del Rey “The King’s Little Pathway” in El Chorro, Andalusia, Spain

Trover photo by Mark Rentz

10. Langkawi Sky Bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia

Trover photo by Escaping Abroad

How are you feeling about these heart-pounding bridges? A whole lot of “NOPE”? Here are some peaceful fields of flowers to take your mind off things. Not enough thrill for you? Check out some of our favorite Extreme Adventures. And if you just love bridges in general, we have lots of those as well.

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