Why You Should Go to Burning Man 2015

Every year on the last Monday of August, tens of thousands of people journey to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and set up camp for an entire week.

Why? Burning Man.

Burning Man burns

“The man burns!” Photo by Chasing Amber

Taking its name from the ritual burning of a gigantic wooden effigy at the event itself, Burning Man is an annual convention that celebrates radical self-expression, creativity, and self-reliance.

But what does that even mean? 

Homouroboros Burning Man statue art

The Homouroboros: hand-powered monkey zoetrope. Photo by Chasing Amber

Well, those who have attended Burning Man say that trying to explain the event is like ‘trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind.’

Black Rock City Nevada Burning Man Church with organ

“Crazy tilted church with a functioning organ.” Photo by Rich Barton

Basically, they’re saying: “you just had to be there.”

Burning Man Art

“Believe,” a Big Word sculpture by Laura Kimpton. Photo by Rich Barton

So naturally, the only way to fully enjoy and understand the complete experience of this colossal event is to purchase a ticket, pack your bags, and prepare for a week of desert living. It’s a brilliant excuse to travel.

Truth is Beauty statue Black Rock Desert for Burning Man

“Truth is Beauty” by Marco Cochrane. Photo by Rich Barton

Still not convinced? Have the burning desire to see more?

Fuel your unbridled, larger-than-life creative energy with “Black Rock City – Home of Burning Man” on Trover.

And as they say at the gate, “Welcome home.”