Trover Spotlight: Life Of A Well-Traveled Millennial


Tom Page doesn’t just study geography in collegehe lives it…having already traveled to nearly 20 countries around the globe

In an era when selfies are the pic-de-jour for many millennials, Tom Page, 20, is more concerned with capturing the beauty and wonder in the world around him. And Trovers love it, showering him with 3,775 thanks since joining last year. He already has close to 600 followers, who’ve enjoyed his nearly 200 discoveries from around the globe thus far.

Tom, a geography student at the University of Salford in Manchester, might just be the one schooling those guilty of the faved selfie, showing that there’s much more to the world around you, than just your beautiful mug. His travels to nearly 20 countries, including Thailand, Africa, and Nepal, have revealed an amazing view of what happens when you turn the camera away from yourself and onto the world. From wild lemurs in Madagascar, to stunning churches in West Firle England, to the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Tom has captured some of the most loved discoveries the Trover community has seen yet, including the 2013 Discovery of the Year.

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For Tom, a Nottingham native, his adventures abroad have instilled the confidence to travel alone, appreciate different cultures, and inspire him to help those less fortunate through volunteering. He’s faced many of the fears often associated with traveling, such as being pick-pocketed, or getting lost in a foreign place where he can’t communicate with the locals. Even losing his luggage, which happened to him during his trip to Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo. But despite these fears, so common amongst fellow travelers, Tom too troves on. Confident that it’s a small price to pay; far outweighed by the joys and fulfillment that exploring a new place brings to one’s life.

“I’ve had a passion for travel and photography since a young age. Discovering Trover was like finding a second home, and has satisfied my wanderlust between adventures, as well as inspiring new ones.”  — Tom Page

Even at the young age of 20 years old, we all have a lot we could learn from someone like Tom. His zeal for life and adventure continues to inspire all of us here at Trover HQ. If Tom’s story has inspired you as well, give him a holler, we know he’d love to hear from you.

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