Trover Spotlight: LivingInPostcards Is A Man Who Likes To Wander

Wandering is defined as “traveling aimlessly from place to place,” and that’s exactly how Ryan Jardin Watin, who lives with his husband in Yellowstone National Park likes it. Ryan, known on Trover as “LivingInPostcards” has quite the fan base among our growing community of explorers and travelers – over 400 followers to be exact. The community obviously appreciates LivingInPostcards, as they’ve already showered him with over 1,400 thanks for capturing amazing images and stories across more than 13 countries, including France, Spain, and Thailand.

LivinginPostcards Screenshot

What makes Ryan’s discoveries on Trover so magical? Maybe it’s the way he captures the campfire dancing off the banks of the Yellowstone River, the romantic feel provided by the tree-lined walkways near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, or the jaw-dropping pop-art in the back streets of Chicago. Each of Ryan’s 85 discoveries draws you into a place of beauty and wonder, and even sometimes mystery and magic. His passion for wandering combined by an incredible ability to capture the emotion of his discoveries are worth checking out for yourself.

But who is Ryan?

He is originally from a small town in the boot heel of Missouri –  Cape Girardeau. He has since lived in 10 states in considerably different cities including San Francisco, Portland, and Phoenix. He met his husband, Grant Miner, also an avid Trover user, in the Arizona heat. He was a teacher who had lived in Phoenix his whole life and enjoyed a simple resort vacation here and there, but all that changed when Ryan uprooted Grant and they moved to Yellowstone National Park where they are lucky enough to have careers that offer them 3 months of vacation time a year.

During the Summer, they hike, are avid backcountry campers, and hangout in dive bars with animal heads on the wall. In the winters, they love to cruise on their snowmobile, sled down the luge, and try not to fall down while cross-country skiing.

“Yellowstone National Park has definitely inspired us to see all of the U.S. National Parks and we are lucky enough to have explored 34 of the 59 thus far. I’ve been to 49 states (Alaska, you’re next!!!) and have adventured to over 20 countries with no intentions of stopping anytime soon,” said Ryan. “I love everything about traveling; researching, planning, experiencing, eating… but most of all, I love the feeling of being completely out of my comfort zone. You can learn a lot about yourself by watching yourself act/react/interact when you don’t know the language, where you are on the map, or what’s on your plate!”

Ryan believes travel should be on everyone’s to-dos and there’s no better example than the discoveries on Trover to show that traveling aspirations don’t have to be on the other side of the planet.

“Eat at that restaurant with the food you can’t pronounce, go to that shop you always pass on your commute to work, and plan a trip to Yellowstone!,” Ryan added. “Just please promise when you come that you’ll be part of the 10 percent who actually step off the pavement!”

You too can Spring into Trover, and connect with Ryan and our growing community of explorers today!