Trover Spotlight: The Real Life of Grant Miner

If you’ve seen the 2013 romantic comedy, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” featuring Ben Stiller, then you may have already daydreamed about embarking on your own global journey for love and honor. Maybe you’ve thought about what type of adventurous, brave and creative person you are, even looking to the likes of James Bond or Indiana Jones for inspiration.

But how many of us would actually turn our somewhat ordinary life into an extraordinary adventure?

Well, Grant Miner did, moving to Yellowstone Park from Phoenix, Arizona with his love, LivinginPostcards. We told you about LivinginPostcards last week, but it’s time you heard the other half of the story. You see, Grant was a schoolteacher, living close to family, and enjoying his regular dose of Taco Bell, before falling in love, and moving to a National Park.

But it was his love for Ryan, otherwise know as LivinginPostcards, which led him to travel and ultimately relocate. He’s now manager at the iconic Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone, and replaced his fancy car for a big ol’ pickup truck. He even confesses to now wearing hiking sandals with socks, which he previously found questionable.

Now, Grant has travelled to 10 countries outside the U.S. in the six years of his relationship with Ryan. And even though Grant had anxiety about traveling, it was love that motivated him to see more of the beauty and wonder of the world from Costa Rica to Thailand.

Meet Grant Miner

Love has taught Grant to, “marry someone who forces you to get on that flying metal tube, and see what you’ve been missing.” He adds, “but if you are on a plane where lights are held together by masking tap, don’t tell your spouse who is afraid of flying.”

Thanks Grant for sharing your half of the story, and what great advice too! Follow Grant and Ryan to see where their love for adventure and each other takes them next , and share your romantic travel stories with us onTwitter or Google+.