Trover Spotlight: Dan Rose Receives Mega-Thanks For Adventure-Seeking Photos

When adventure is calling Dan Rose, a junior at Grand Canyon University, is ready to answer. Bringing along his GoPro camera to capture moments like slipping down Slide Rock Park in Sedona, AZ, zip-lining in Maple Ridge, B.C., or riding the Valley of Waves in Sun City, South Africa.

Already, Dan has captured more than 250 discoveries spanning from the U.S., South Africa, Canada, and Germany, receiving a whopping 2,484 thanks from the Trover community.

But Dan doesn’t just get thanks, he gives them – a lot of them. The hundreds of discoveries he’s thanked thus far are incredible, and showcase some of the most impressive discoveries on Trover. Nice finds Dan!

Dan Rose Thanks Screenshot

Dan always seems to be searching for that next adrenaline pumping adventure. When he’s not studying for his Criminal Justice degree, with hopes of becoming a detective someday, he’s finding some of the best adventures throughout the beautiful state of Arizona. He even has plans to start an adventure club next year at school. And if his list titled, “I Wanna Go” is any indication of what adventures may come, then that is a club Trovers can get behind.

I Wanna Go – a photo list by Dan Rose

Dan’s the kind of guy you want to know this summer! So join the other 486 followers who enjoy the incredible adventures of this GCU student. Chat with him and other Trovers today, or hit us up on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook to tell us about your latest adventure.