The Game of Travels

Game of Thrones may be wrapping up for the season, but that doesn’t mean the excitement can’t continue during the summer with the game of travels on Trover.

As you know, every great House in Westeros has their infamous mottos – the most popular may be “Winter is Coming” of House Stark of Winterfell in the North.

But for the House of Trover in the Great Pacific Northwest, our motto right now is Summer is Coming, and we just can’t say it enough.

You can start your game of travel anytime, but we all know summer is the most coveted of seasons. And with the upcoming Game of Thrones season finale, we know you’ll be seeking an adventure worthy of the Mother of Dragons. So kick off your epic summer journey with this list of the HBO hit series’ film locations by college student Tom Page.

Winter Is Coming – a photo list by Tom Page

Want more from one of these extraordinary filming locations? We’ve got it! And these stunning photos, captured by fellow trovers from around the world, are certainly fit for a king or queen: CroatiaMoroccoIcelandMalta, and Scotland.

Next, wander over to Scuba Mami, a self proclaimed “21st century happy nomad adventurer who keeps adding to her bucket list.” She’s added more than 2,200 discoveries and created more than 60 lists, including a Game of Thrones Tour for Season 3 in NYC;  featuring actual costumes worn on the show!

Game of Thrones Screenshot

You too can play the game of travel, and create your own lists of new or upcoming adventures. And keep the game going by building up your friends and followers, like Tom Page and Scuba Mami, who share your travel motto as well.

Here’s to summer!