Eat Your Way Through Italy

What better way to travel than eating the most delicious foods of everywhere you visit? Italy offers some of the most beloved and delicious dishes on the planet. From rich cream and truffle dishes in the North to the Greek influences in the dishes of Sicily, you won’t be disappointed in the bounty of Italy. Mangiamo!


Known for rich comforting dishes using cream and truffles, this northern region leads Italy in cutting edge food creations as well.


Photo by Travelotheque.


Risotto and polenta are preferred over pasta in this region.


Photo by Matteo Recanatini.


Lying on the Adriatic Sea, Veneto’s dishes feature delicious seafood.


Photo by Garage Venticinque.


Known for its gorgeous green-gold olive oil, the Tuscans prefer simple, locally grown ingredients with lots of local olive oil and herbs.


Photo by Alessandro Ricciardi.


This seaside region is known for vegetables and is home to delicious dishes that feature pesto.


Photo by Alfonso Di Lieto.


Fresh pasta and vegetables are highlights which also includes Lasagne Verde.


Photo by 20 Years Hence.


Some of the best olive oil in Italy comes from this land locked region where pasta reigns supreme.


Photo by Tim & Nat.


Rome, with its sophiticated tastes, starts most meals with a variety of delicious antipasti.


Photo by SY Lee.


With rolling hills made for grazing, lamb is a favorite dish here.


Photo by Rocky Berberabe.


With a long history that includes a huge influence from their neighbors the Greeks, Sicilians enjoy dishes made with herbs, tomatoes and honey.


Photo by Matilde Civitillo.

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Viva Italia: Italy’s Best Beaches

Ah, Italy. You make falling in love so easy. Wonderful food, ancient sites, beautiful people and places and some of the world’s best beaches. It is almost unfair how much you have to offer travelers. Other countries must be jealous! I can’t wait to see  you.  Caio, Bella.

Love, Trover.

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

In addition to this lovely beach, there are mountains to climb and wonderful restaurants.

fixedw_large_4xSan Vito Lo Capo

Trover photo by Algirdis Sidskis

Isola del Giglio, Tuscan Coast, Italy

An island part of the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio means “Lily”.

fixedw_large_4xIsola del Giglio

Trover photo by Andrea Martinella

Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily

An ancient seaside setting made famous in modern times as a set for “Ocean’s Twelve”.


Trover photo by Algirdis Sidskis

Lampedusa, Sicily

Voted the best beach in the world on TripAdvisor.


Trover photo by Sam_O

Ponza, Italy

Circe seduced Odysseus on this beautiful island with magical beaches.


Trover photo by Fascias