5 Intrepid and Inspiring Warrior Women

For some, living life to the fullest involves memorable adventures, thrilling escapades, daring encounters, and impressive challenges. They live for the experiences that get the heart pumping and awaken the senses.

Today, we present to you 5 intrepid, daring women who embody adventure – and inspire us to make our own crazy dreams come true.

1. Bernini

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Bernini, aka Bernice, is from Santa Monica, California and loves to hike. When we say ‘hike’ though, we don’t mean your walk-in-the-park kind of hike. We mean the intense, mountain-top, icy-ground, fourteeners kind of hike. Continue reading

6 Hawaiian Experts to Whisk You Away

Hawaii is a tropical traveler’s paradise. Its wide sandy beaches, huge bright flowers and fruit, and stunning volcanic terrain make it unique.
Combine this natural beauty with its vibrant culture, thriving food scene, and lively urban nightlife, and you get a destination that vacationers return to again and again.
If you’re planning the perfect trip to Hawaii, look no further. We’ve rounded up six experts to show you their favorite island gems.
If you’re looking to explore Hawaii’s majestic views and intense cliffdiving spots, look no further – Miranda is your guide! This athletic mama recently reenlisted in the US Marines, and enjoys hiking and snorkeling with her young son in her spare time.

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