New Photo Contest: #Blue Travel Photos

Blue is the color of distance: the open sky, the endless ocean, the haze that colors far-off vistas. It’s also the color of Moroccan doors, Santorini roofs, and the Blue Mosque

This month, we’re celebrating gorgeous #blue travel photos and the limitless adventure they represent. Show us your #blue travel photos. One lucky contributor will win $1500.

blue_landscape (1)

Upload your best #blue travel photos, like this one by Miriam Risager, and you could win $1500!

How to Enter the #Blue Travel Photos Sweepstakes:

1) By May 27th, upload an original photo of a vibrantly #Blue travel destination, experience or object.

2) Write a couple of lines about your discovery. This could be details about the place and its history, tips on how to find it or what to do there, or any interesting facts or stories you gathered about your discovery.

3) Include “#Blue” in the details field.

4) Post your discovery to or via iOS/Android. Et voila! You’re in the running for $1500!

Want more details on how to win a Trover sweepstakes? Check out How to Enter a Trover Contest.

This is a Sweepstakes. The more awesomely #Blue photos you upload, the higher your chance of winning $1500!

Challenge ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on May 27, 2016.

Already posted #Blue photos to Trover? That’s great! Just edit the description to include “#Blue” and automatically enter the challenge.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

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#Hiking Travel Photo Sweepstakes

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy the good weather than by going for a hike! Show us a photo of your favorite hiking place – and you’ll be entered for a chance to win $1500.

Ready to get started? Upload your #Hiking photos now.


Your #hiking photo, like this one by Stoked for Saturday, could win $1500. 

So, how do you enter?

1) Upload an original photo of a hiking location to Trover.

2) Write some great details about the hike. (You could talk about the route you took, the payoff or spectacular view from the top, or any preparation tips you may have for others who may want to take the same hike.)

3) Include “#hiking” in the details field.

4) Post your discovery and you’ll be entered to win $1500!

If you want a more detailed explanation about how to enter a Trover Sweepstakes, check out our How to Enter a Trover Contest blog post.

This is a sweepstakes. The more cool hiking photos you upload, the higher your chance of winning $1500!

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on July 3, 2015.

Already posted your hiking photos to Trover? Just edit the details to include “#hiking” and they’ll be entered for the sweepstakes.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

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