World’s Most Beautiful Lantern Festivals

Whether floating across the night sky in the hundreds, drifting gently across the water, hanging from summer trees, draped on temples to ring in the New Year, or simply dangling from the ceiling in your bedroom, lanterns have a unique way of transfixing us with their graceful, glowing beauty.

Luckily for us, there are dozens of festivals and celebrations around the world that feature lanterns. Below are some of our favorites that have been shared by your fellow Trovers:

The Yi Peng Festival of Lights in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Trover photo by Drew Hopper

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Camping at the Edge of the World

There is nothing like making it up the last 100 feet to enjoy the view. Even more special is spending the night and waking up for the magical golden hour. Trovers have pitched tents on cliffs, mountains and in the rain forests. Discover how you could spend a night at the edge of the world.

Queen Charlotte Bay, New Zealand

This shot is one of my favorites from the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds. The walk covers 71km along Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru Sounds. This was the first lookout on the track after leaving Ship Cove, and while it wasn't the hardest to reach, it was certainly one that stuck in my mind because it was the first aerial view I got of the spectacular landscape I was hiking through!

This shot is one of my favorites from the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. The walk covers 71km along Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru Sounds. This was the first lookout on the track after leaving Ship Cove, and while it wasn’t the hardest to reach, it was certainly one that stuck in my mind because it was the first aerial view I got of the spectacular landscape I was hiking through!

Tahquamenon Falls, Luce County, Michigan


Siskiyou, California: Mt. Shasta and the Pacific Crest Trail


Mt. Pulag Philippines: One of the highest mountains in the Philippines


Annapurna Base Camp: Camping on the roof of the world


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Insane Selfie Posse

Trovers from all around the globe are snapping some insanely creative and thrilling selfies in some unique places. There are some that have nerves of steel (Chicago) and keeping warm in an ice blue glacier (New Zealand). Trovers are mastering the art of the selfie all over the world. Check it out.

Nerves of steel on the Sky Deck at Willis Tower, Chicago.


Thrills while sky diving in New York.


Underwater worlds at Milln Reef Queensland, Australia.


Staying warm in the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.


Striking a pose at Titar Gangga Water Palace, Abang, Indonesia.


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7 Summer Trips to Plan on Trover This Year

Did you know… not only is Trover the perfect place for posting your own travel photos, but also for getting inspiration and planning future summer trips?

A great place to start are the literally thousands of great lists filled with curated photos and discoveries from around the world. Here are 7 of our favorites to get the inspiration flowing as you plan your summer trips!

1. Explore Europe

You know you’ve always wanted to see the Colosseum in Rome, the Tower Bridge in London, the picturesque Nyhavn in Copenhagen, and the thousands of other stunning and historic sites throughout Europe – so what’s keeping you from finally going?! You have a list full of all the inspiration you could ever need right here!

Trover photo by Bill Dillard

Trover photo by Johan Koke

Trover photo by Nick Bond


2. Iconic Places Around the World

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Neuschwanstein Castle…it’s time to make these global icons more than postcards and screensavers – check out our list of favorites and begin your bucket list planning yesterday!

Trover photo by Betina Winsig Hansen

Trover photo by Elza Hayen

Trover photo by cherishka@NomNomNomads


3. Gorgeous Beaches Around the World

Grab the sunscreen, a good book, and your favorite cocktail, cause this summer has a beach with your name on it! From Catseye Beach in Australia to Praia Do Amado in Portugal and the thousands of others in between, there’s sure to be a beach destination that can fit into your plans this summer.

Trover photo by Mel T

Trover photo by Henrique Santos


4. Explore New Zealand

New Zealand may be known best as the filming location for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, but the country boasts enough natural beauty and exhilarating activities to demand more than just a quick visit. So plan a trip to explore New Zealand and stay a while!

Trover photo by MapNomads

Trover photo by Stoked for Saturday


5. Ancient Ruins & Temples

If you have a soft spot for history, mythology, or religion, a tour of the world’s many ancient ruins and temples may be the right summer trip for you. From the Prambanan Temple in Indonesia to the Acropolis of Athens, there’s no shortage of history to uncover this summer!

Trover photo by Bien Nguyen

Trover photo by David Bjorgen


6. Surf Spots

From the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia to Otaki Beach in New Zealand, there are hundreds of sick surf spots around the world. Venture outside your Californian comfort zone this summer and find new waters to play in!

Trover photo by Simon Ferguson

Trover photo by Stoked for Saturday


7. Camping Spots Around the World

Traveling on a budget this summer? Want to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with nature? Got a van full of kids that need to learn survival skills? Whether you explore Big Pine, California or the coast of Baja California in Mexico, there are thousands of prime camping spots around the world that can satisfy your travel needs this summer!

Trover photo by Bernini

Trover photo by The Adventure Junkies


How’s that for some summer trip planning inspiration? If you want more, check out some of the other great lists on the Explore tab on our website or Explore menu on our apps:

If you don’t see a list you like, make your own! Whatever you do this summer, make sure you get out, have fun, and share your adventures on Trover!

Trover Travel Scholarship for April

Whenever someone makes the commitment to travel, it’s not always easy. There are many things to plan out and consider before you hop on a plane and start your adventure.

However, here at Trover, we believe it is always worth it! The experiences gained from traveling are so unique and special and we are so grateful to have a community of travelers who continuously share these moments and memories with us.

In honor of our appreciation of travel and adventure, every month we give out a $500 travel scholarship to a very inspiring and passionate Trover. For this month, we are so excited to award the scholarship to Trover veterans, Stoked for Saturday!



So, who is Stoked for Saturday? This traveling duo consists of Jordan and Jenna–two adventurous Canadians who decided to pack their bags and move to the beautiful country of New Zealand to see what was out there!


Jordan and Jenna have been making use of their time as new “Kiwis” and have been exploring NZ like crazy. We feel so lucky to get to follow them on their adventures via Trover!

Thank you, Jordan and Jenna for sharing your travel lives with us and inspiring us to get out and see the world. Enjoy the $500!

Connect with them on Trover, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram today!

Check out who won the March Trover Travel Scholarship here.