March 2019 Trover Travel Scholarship

We are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us. To honor the vibrancy and value that each of you brings to Trover, we created the $500 Trover Travel Scholarship. Each month, we award it to one traveler who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.

This month, we’re thrilled to award the Trover Travel Scholarship to Jonas Vesterlund!

Laurels overlaid on mountain range

Congratulations to this month’s scholar, Jonas Vesterlund!

Meet Jonas Vesterlund! This avid traveler & amateur photographer loves outdoor activities like hiking and camping. He has a spectacular eye for serene sun-soaked landscapes and can “smell adventure from miles away.”  The perks of working for a domestic airline in Sweden help him get out and explore, with 82 countries on his list and counting. We asked Jonas to tell us about his favorite destinations he’s shared on Trover. Take it away, Jonas. . .  Continue reading

7 Spots Every Game of Thrones Fan Needs to Visit

Though perhaps best known for its gory death scenes, HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones actually scores high on many production elements, from its intricate costumes to its awesome special effects.

As travelers and wanderlusters, though, our eyes go straight to the gorgeous locations around the world used for filming. With Season 5 now over and summer officially here, it’s time to pack your bags and tour some of the locations behind your favorite show:

1. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

This beech tree-lined road was used in the show as the Kings Road and the Dark Hedges of Armoy.

Trover photo by Randi Lynn

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