Scotland: 9 Extraordinary Places To Love

Voltaire famously said, ““We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilization.” This country of craggy cliffs, heathered highlands, and rich cultural traditions provides nourishment for both the head and the heart. Walk the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh and take in the local music and art. Or hike around the mysterious Loch Ness to look for the elusive Nessie. Is the sea calling? Choose to sail out to the windswept Shetland Islands or test your hiking skills and climb to the summit of the mighty Ben Nevis. As Voltaire famously observed, Scotland offers some of the best cultural and outdoor experiences in Europe.

1. Loch Ness


Photo by Larissa Cruz.

2. Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

Photo by Anna Golosuja.

3. Cairngorms National Park


Photo by Sasha Taylor.

4. Glencoe


Photo by Angela Newlands.

5. Loch Lomond


Photo by Morag Gardner.

6. Isle of Skye


Photo by Tim & Nat.

7. Shetland Islands


Photo by Ryan Sandison.

8. Orkney Islands


Photo by Tom Page.

9. Edinburgh


Photo by Adventurous Kate.

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