Ireland: 9 Heart Pumping Emerald Isle Hikes

Ireland offers amazing accessible natural beauty with hundreds of hikes and nature trails. This is the country where legend says that the tallest cliffs that edge the sea were made by a giant and where proverbs wish that you may always walk in sunshine . This love of the outdoors combined and warm, welcoming Irish hospitality, means that hiking through Ireland is sure to be a wonderful experience. Grab your hiking boots and walking stick (and maybe your rain poncho just in case) and head out to the hiking trails of this beautiful green gem set in the deep blue sea.

1. Cliffs of Moher


Photo by Nomad Moni.

2. Glendalough


Photo by Murissa Maurice.

3. Wicklow Way


Photo by Algirdis Sikiskis.

4. Killarney


Photo by Emily Kelleher.

5. Gap of Dunloe

gap of dunloe

Photo by Sara.

6. Ring of Kerry


Photo by Stacie Wyatt.

7. Aran Islands


Photo by Love to Travel.

8. Dingle Peninsula


Photo by Sherry Ott.

9. Glencar Lake and Waterfall


Photo by Caroline Slevin.

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