New Photo Sweepstakes – Share Your Favorite #SweetSpot

Cookies and candies and cakes, oh my! Trover’s got a sweet tooth, so we’re seeking sugary finds from your favorite #SweetSpot! Give us the scoop on the most drool-worthy desserts and tasty treats for a chance to win $1500 for travel.

Bird's nest baklava on white plate with tea in the background.

Share your #SweetSpot photo to win $1500 for travel! Photo by Kate Stella.

From your neighborhood coffee shop serving heavenly donuts to the gourmet cafe dishing up sinful desserts, share your photos & tips on where to indulge in tantalizing treats. Have you tasted Taipei’s Hello Kitty cake or savored the too-pretty-to-eat bird’s nest baklava of Istanbul? Get in the mix to win a $1500 Expedia Travel Prize when you tell Trover about your favorite #SweetSpot!

Share your photos by Nov 27, 2017. Write a few lines about your discovery and tag each one #SweetSpot to enter our sweepstakes for a $1500 Expedia Travel Prize. The more you share, the better your chances. Easy as pie!

#SweetSpot Photo Sweepstakes – a photo list by Trover

How to Enter the #SweetSpot Photo Sweepstakes:

1) Upload an original photo of an interesting discovery or experience that prominently features desserts or fits the #SweetSpot theme. You can upload to or the iOS App or Android AppBe sure to upload before the contest ends at 11.59 p.m. PT on 27 November 2017.

2) Write a couple of lines about your discovery. This could be details about the destination or activity, tips on how to find it or what to do there, or any interesting facts or stories about your discovery. Include “#SweetSpot” in the description field.

3) Et voila! You’re entered to win the $1500 Expedia voucher!

This is a Sweepstakes. The more eligible photos you upload, the higher your chance of winning!

This sweepstake is only open to NEW Trover photos. Add yours by November 27th to be considered! 

Read sweepstakes terms and conditions.

Questions? Talk to us at

7 Brilliant London Markets

London’s world-renowned markets are one of the best ways to experience the city’s culture and history. Whether you’re in search of vintage clothing and jewelry or hungry for a diverse selection of local cuisine, the city’s many markets allow visitors to experience its traditions and live like a true Londoner.

Check out seven of our favorite market experiences fresh from London:

1.  Play wizard for the day and stroll through the magical Leadenhall Market.

Photo by Jim Nix

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#Delicious Photo Challenge Winners

Some say the International Language is love. Others insist it’s Esperanto. Here at Trover HQ, we’re convinced it’s food!

Last week we ended our latest Trover Photo Challenge, during which we asked you to share your most #Delicious travel photos, and you definitely delivered! From food trucks in Portland to seafood markets in Thailand, you shared more than 3,200 #Delicious discoveries from 110 countries around the world, igniting our appetites and warming our hearts in the process. Thank you!

We knew we would have way too many favorites to pick just one winner for this contest, so for the first time ever, we created three $500 prizes for the discoveries that best captured what makes traveling so #Delicious. And while every discovery you shared made us drool over our keyboards just a bit, there could only be three winners.

Those winning discoveries are…

A cute cheesecake from the Urban Hotel in Madrid, Spain by There & Back Again

#Delicious mini cheesecake from Madrid


This Falafel plate from YAROK in Berlin, Germany by Kate Stella

#Delicious falafel plate from Berlin Germany


#Delicious gelato from Gelato Gusto in Brighton, England by Veerle Evens

#Delicious gelato from Brighton, England

Thanks for sharing these truly #Delicious discoveries Veerle, Kate, and There & Back Again! We hope you enjoy your $500 prizes and continue to share the best of your part of the world on Trover!

Thanks also to everyone who made this contest so wonderful and so #Delicious. And of course, make sure to keep an eye on the Trover blog for the announcement of our next contest!


#Delicious Travel Photo Challenge Ends Monday!

#Delicious Challenge

Upload your best #Delicious photos, like this one from Kate Stella, and you could win $500!

Our #Delicious Travel Photo Challenge ends this Monday, August 31st at 11:59pm PDT, so share your most #Delicious discoveries now to put yourself in the running for one of Three $500 Prizes!

Ready? Enter now!

Challenge Details & How to Enter:

The #Delicious Photo Challenge is judged by the Trover HQ team.

We’re looking for your best food photos. From local ice cream shops to fancy dining, food truck burritos to happy hour cocktails – we want to see the most #Delicious and incredible meals and drinks you’ve ever had.

To enter:

1) By August 31st, upload an original photo of a truly #Delicious meal, drink, or local specialty. We’re judging on quality here, so show us your best!

2) Write a couple of lines about your discovery. This could be tips about how to find the spot, what to order, the best way to enjoy it, what it’s made from or where it comes from, and overall what made the meal so #Delicious.

3) Write “#Delicious” in the details field.

4) Post your discovery to or via iOS/Android. Et voila! You’re in the running for one of three $500 prizes!

Want more details on how to win Trover challenges? Check out How to Enter a Trover Contest.

May the best discoveries win!

Challenge ends at 11:59 pm PDT on August 31, 2015.

Already posted your #Delicious photos to Trover? That’s great! Just edit the description to include “#Delicious” and it will be automatically entered into the challenge.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

Questions? Send us a note at

17 Cheat Day Eats That Will Make You Drool

Cheat Day is a day when dieters let loose and savor a meal or two that fall outside their normal nutritional restrictions. Whether or not Cheat Day actually helps you lose weight, one thing is certain: if you’re going to cheat, you might as well go all-out!

To give you some inspiration for your next Cheat Day, we’ve put together a list of some of the most indulgent, gluttonous and delicious meals from around the world. Whether you’re on a strict diet or treat every day like Cheat Day, this list is guaranteed to make you drool:

1. Frito Pie Burger in Texas

Trover photo by Albert Nurick

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