Follow Friday on Trover

Here are 5 inspiring Trovers to start following this week:

1. William Patino

Trover photo by William Patino

William is an Aussie who discovered his passion for nature through photography. A professional landscape photographer, William’s discoveries on Trover are absolutely stunning. Some may even leave you speechless. Connect with him today and feed yourself some travel eye candy!

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Follow Friday on Trover

Here are 5 Trovers you should connect with this week!

1. Divya Desa/ blehlovesfood


Divya is a world traveler hailing from Mumbai, India who has been working in the hospitality industry “since she was barely legal.” This hardcore foodie is all about the culinary experience and record all of her global gastronomic adventures in her blog blehlovesfood. Start following this taste tester on Trover today!


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Follow Friday on Trover!

Here’s our pick of 5 Trovers you should be following this week:

1. Chelsea Anderson


Chelsea is a veterinarian from Connecticut who has a serious case of wanderlust. This globetrotter has been all around the world to work with animals and has some beautiful photos and fantastic travel tips to prove it! Check out Chelsea’s trove today.


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Follow Friday on Trover!

It’s Friday and, as per usual, we have 5 Trovers we suggest you follow to enhance your troving.

1. Leah Missik


Leah is a gal from the Pacific Northwest who loves to wander! She’s been taking us on vicarious adventures with us this week to places in Rwanda, Russia, Lithuania, and Kenya just to name three of many. Connect with her on Trover today and check out her blog “Went Looking.”

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Follow Friday on Trover

Trover is an active melting pot of awesome travelers, explorers, photographers, and the like. To help you boil down who you may want to add to your news feed, we pick 5 (out of many) cool peeps who have been troving awesome stuff each week.

Here are our 5 picks for this week:

1. Aaron Littler


Aaron is a great photographer who knows how and when to capture a memorable scene. This Trover has been sharing sights from Laos, to Rome, to Ohio and has also been generously giving up some great travel tips. Follow him on the trove today!


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