Boldy Brewed: 11 Coffee and Tea Spots Around the World

From flat whites and spicy chai lattes to a spot of afternoon tea, it’s easy to sate your caffeine craving at home and abroad. Coffee shops and tea rooms provide travelers a place to drink in the local culture, plan their daily adventures, and capture the perfect picture of intricate latte art. To celebrate the wonders of coffee, tea and all things caffeinated, we’ve collected 11 buzzing beverage discoveries found around Trover. So, grab a seat—and a  mug of your own favorite drink—and take note of where you might enjoy your next cup of joe.

1. General Porpoise Doughnuts in Seattle, Washington

Photo by Dina Basarab

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15 Works of Latte Art Too Beautiful To Drink

Latte art is more than a process of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso – it’s an actual art! Any barista can make a latte, but not every coffee shop worker can draw a teddy bear into a tiny cup of super hot coffee and foam.

Like with every other art form, there are varying degrees of difficulty, creativity, and talent that go into latte art, but some of the best works of latte art are so incredible and beautiful that you won’t want to drink them! Read on for 15 Works of Latte Art Too Beautiful to Drink From Around the World:

1. Matcha Green Tea Latte from Moore Coffee Shop in Seattle, Washington

Latte art from Moore Coffee Shop in Seattle, Washington

Trover photo by Sophia Field

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