Abandoned Places: 7 Spots To Look For Ghosts

There is something romantic about an abandoned place that was once inhabited that is now silent and still. You can feel the energy of who came before, who lived and worked in a once thriving place. As you walk through trees and look around corners you can almost see the people who lived in a particular environment. Abandoned places can work their way into your soul. As we head towards the darker days of fall, here are some places to go find some ghosts and spirits.

1. Valley of the Mills, Sorrento, Italy


Photo by Brink of the World | The Brinkmanns.

2. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland


Photo by Adina Troper Dayan.

3. Bodie, CA


Photo by Paul Cloutier.

4. Lake Reschen, Italy


Photo by Swiss Nomads.

5. Craco, Italy


Photo by Luxe Adventure Traveler.

6. Spreepark, Germany


Photo by Felix Ingetmer.

7. Eastern State Penitentiary, PA


Photo by Jessica Jacobs.

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15 Best Fall Road Trips in the U.S.

Fall is the perfect time for a road trip. Not only do fall road trips offer relief from the heat and tourists of summer, but in many places they offer a breathtaking look at the foliage of changing seasons, just before the cold of winter sets in.

If you like crisp air, colorful fall leaves, and driving on scenic routes past mountains, forests, rivers and farms, you will love this list of the 15 Best Fall Road Trips in the U.S.:

1. See the famous Aspen groves in Telluride, Colorado

Aspens in Telluride, Colorado

Trover photo by Peyton Hale

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September 2015 Trover Travel Scholarship Winner

Here at Trover HQ, we are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us from every corner of the world. To honor the vibrancy and value that each of you bring to Trover, we like to award a $500 Trover Travel Scholarship each month to one traveler who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.

This month, we’re thrilled to award the Trover Travel Scholarship to the incredibly talented Always Wanderlust!

Trover Travel Scholarship Winner September 2015 - Always Wanderlust

Always Wanderlust scholarship winner

Who is Always Wanderlust? Well his real name is Adonis Villanueva, and he’s a a traveler, adventurer, photographer, eater of good food, drinker of great wine, and extreme sports enthusiast from California. His photography highlights some of the most incredible landscapes in the world and will have you packing your bags and heading for the beach or the mountains before you know it!

Always Wanderlust Trover Travel Scholarship Winneralways wanderlust trover travel scholarship winner

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with the Trover community, Adonis! We can’t wait to see where your adventures take you next – enjoy the $500!

To see more incredible Always Wanderlust photos by Adonis, make sure to check out his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. And of course, be sure to follow him on Trover to see the latest of his travels – up next: South America!

San Francisco: 9 Incredible Reasons To Go Now

Ah, San Francisco in autumn. As the planet starts to gently tilt away from the sun, the wind shifts and the light turns a shade of gold. Fall is approaching, so why not take this lovely time of year and head to San Francisco? This most walkable of western cities offers iconic sites, lush parks, and world class culture. Fall is a wonderful time of year to walk Baker Beach, head to the Exploratorium, or go to North Beach for some great Italian food. Here are 9 reasons to visit San Francisco this fall.

1.The Golden Gate Bridge


Photo by Always Wanderlust.

2.Fisherman’s Wharf


Photo By Jim Nix.

3.Alcatraz Island


Photo By Ashlee Hammrich.

4.Golden Gate Park

goldengate park

Photo By Jessie Lewis.

5.Union Square


Photo By Ricardo Lamadrid.



Photo By Terry Miles.

7.Cable cars


Photo By Elza Hayen.

8.Coit Tower


Photo By Barbara Brady.

9.Ghiradelli Square


Photo By Happy Wanderer Photos.

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12 Cheap Honeymoon Ideas That Don’t Feel Cheap

Weddings are expensive. But that shouldn’t mean you have to have skimp on the Honeymoon just to save a few bucks. It also shouldn’t mean you have to go into debt just to have a relaxing vacation with your new partner.

Thankfully, there are tons of great cheap honeymoon ideas that will save you money without feeling cheap. From overlooked tropical destinations to hidden getaways in your own backyard, there are hundreds of amazing alternatives to the big-ticket Honeymoon spots. To help get you started with the planning, we’ve picked 12 of our favorite Cheap Honeymoon Ideas That Don’t Feel Cheap:

1. Jamaica

Jamaica Honeymoon

Trover photo by Jennifer Hott-Greenway

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