7 Desert Getaways You Need Right Now

The summer is winding down and back to school is almost here. Why not take a lasts minute trip to the desert for a final hot blast of summer? Each of our Western destinations offers hiking, beautiful vistas, and views for miles. Grab your hiking shoes and plenty of water and enjoy a final hike through some of the best the Western US has to offer travelers.

Palm Springs, CA

Surrounded by beautiful desert landscape, you can hike or bike during the morning and take a mid-century modern architecture tour in the afternoon.


Photo by Paige Spee.

Borrego Springs, CA

Named for the herds of big horn sheep that wander the Anzo-Borrego State Park, the largest of California’s state parks offers golf, tennis, and horseback riding.


Photo by Off The Beaten Track.

Superior, AZ

The Boyce Thompson State Park offers hiking trails and a large collection of plants, flowers, and trees.


Photo by Tim Brewer.

Moab, UT

Visit Arches National Park for the world’s biggest collection of natural stone openings. Next visit Canyonlands National Park located on top of a 1000 ft mesa for incredible views of canyons for thousands of miles.


Photo by Steve Hirsch.

Tucson, AZ

Head to Sabino Canyon for lots of hiking trails and the cooling waterfalls near Sabino Creek.


Photo by Cara Mason Rea.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Hike a mile down into the canyon or hire a helicopter to get a more vertical view of one of the most popular tourist sites in the US.


Photo by Carson Tilley.

Joshua Tree State Park, CA

Rock climbing, hiking and scrambling are all popular in this California favorite.


Photo by Tales from the Mutiny.

Find more gorgeous desert options here. Also be sure to check out our beautiful stargazing options here. And as always, find more at Trover.com.

10 Things To Do in Phoenix

Trover photo by  Rick Biertempfel

Trover photo by Rick Biertempfel

Maybe you’re traveling to Phoenix for a special event this weekend, maybe you’re a local who needs to be inspired to explore, maybe you’re planning a new, exciting trip for the future.

Whatever your motive is for visiting “The Valley of the Sun,” we’ve got some cool suggestions of places you should hit up!

Here’s our list of 10 things you shouldn’t skip if you happen to find yourself in Phoenix:

1. Heard Museum

Trover photo by Beth Hughes

Trover photo by Beth Hughes

Heard Museum was established in 1929 and has an awesome vision–to accurately and sensitively portray U.S. Native arts and cultures. Known for its award-winning exhibits and its dedication to telling the stories of American Indians, this museum will give you a special cultural and educational experience you won’t get in many other places.

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8 Amazing Things to See in Arizona

Arizona is the 6th largest state in the U.S. and is brimming with amazing things to behold and incredible experiences to keep you coming back for more.

Here are just 8 of many must-sees in the Grand Canyon state:

1. Havasu Falls


Trover photo by Luxe Adventure Traveler

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