Living at the Ends of the Earth: Antarctica

Antarctica is quite literally the ends of the Earth.

It’s the coldest and driest place in the whole world. It has few natural resources to speak of (ice, penguins) and so it’s never been settled by humans. It’s unsurvivable without extensive external support.

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At Taylor Valley. Trover photo by Fernando Begay.

And yet,¬†every year in September and October, a small group of people begins migrating southward.¬†Geologists, zoologists, glaciologists and other scientists use Antarctica’s pristine, unspoiled environment for their experiments – and they want to live in a functioning town.

So not only is Antarctica actually survivable – you can actually get a job there. The bases hire for everything: from janitors and line cooks to firefighters and tech support.

What’s it like, living and working at the ends of the Earth?

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Adrenaline Junkies: 5 Travelers Who’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Some people travel to escape the daily grind, some to learn a language, some to experience new tastes and flavors.

Then you have those who travel for the adventure – for the adrenaline-pumping activities, for the dangerously thrilling experiences.

Here are 5 adrenaline junkies who will make your jaw drop:

1. Chi Ken

Chi Ken

After traveling to over 43 countries around the world, Chi Ken can say that he’s living life to its fullest. In his words, he travels “full tilt with no regrets.”¬† Continue reading