15 Must-See Australian Sights

Australia may be home to the ten most dangerous snakes, but surely an island with over 10,000 beaches and more kangaroos than humans deserves further consideration. A country/continent known for its natural wonders and bustling urban centers, Australia is a traveler’s dream, home to iconic architecture, vibrant marine life and plenty of outdoor adventures.

We’ve assembled 15 must-see Australian discoveries found on Trover in hopes of inspiring both your travel envy and sense of adventure. Enjoy your time Down Under.

1. Hanging Rock in Bell, Australia

Photo by zcesty

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14 Wild Finds: Animals of the World

If you’re a dog person, a cat person, or more of a crocodile person, there’s no denying our fascination with beautiful (and occasionally hair-raising) species scattered around our planet. Whether you’re embarking on a safari adventure or happen upon something crawling in your hotel bathroom, part of the fun of traveling lies in the animals you see along the way.

Celebrate the diverse critters around the world with 14 of our favorite wildlife finds. Beware: with a few of these creatures, this may be as close to them as you’d like to get.

1. Oryxes in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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8 Must-See Snorkeling & Diving Destinations

Dive into the watery deep for up-close encounters with the world’s diverse marine life. From colorful reefs in warm tropical waters to converging tectonic plates in the icy currents of the Arctic, travelers around the globe witness some of the most magical sea creatures and undersea geology through snorkeling and diving excursions.

With a set of swim fins, a sturdy pair of goggles, and a wetsuit for the waters that aren’t so warm, you can explore every rocky coastline and blue lagoon. Slip on your snorkel and explore these 8 scenic snorkeling and diving spots:

1. Norman Reef in Queensland, Australia

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December Travel Scholarship Winner

Traveling the world is a dream many of us have dreamed. Here at Trover, we’d love for more people to make this dream a reality–but we know it’s not an easy feat for all.

This is why we launched the Trover travel scholarship last month. At the beginning of each month, we are giving away $500 to help an adventurous soul continue to explore the world and inspire our special, passionate community of travelers on Trover to do the same.

Last month, we were stoked to present this award to Completely Wanderlust. This month, we’d like to declare the winner as (drum roll)… Nicole Smith!

Nicole Smith December Trover Travel Scholarship

Nicole Smith

We are so excited to introduce Nicole to you! Hailing from Adelaide in South Australia, this Aussie already had a passion for exploration from a young age and loved to visit other cities around Australia. She didn’t stop there though.

After being ‘bitten by the travel bug,’ which also happens to be the name of her travel blog, Nicole went on to travel the world – starting with a solo trip to America and continuing with a stint in London – two milestones of what will be an eternal quest for exploration.

Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

She’s pretty cool, huh? If you want to connect with Nicole or just follow her as she shares her adventures, follow her on Trover today!

5 Intrepid and Inspiring Warrior Women

For some, living life to the fullest involves memorable adventures, thrilling escapades, daring encounters, and impressive challenges. They live for the experiences that get the heart pumping and awaken the senses.

Today, we present to you 5 intrepid, daring women who embody adventure – and inspire us to make our own crazy dreams come true.

1. Bernini

orig (11)

Bernini, aka Bernice, is from Santa Monica, California and loves to hike. When we say ‘hike’ though, we don’t mean your walk-in-the-park kind of hike. We mean the intense, mountain-top, icy-ground, fourteeners kind of hike. Continue reading