Plunge! Into Summertime Fun

Where will your summer take you? Thanks to the location-tagged photos on Trover, it’s easy to find the best places to cool off and catch some rays.

Summer is just around the corner, literally! I know, we can hardly believe it ourselves, and we totally see you doing the happy dance—it’s okay, we are too. While everyone knows it’s the best time of year to take a plunge, dip, dive, or swim, not everyone knows the best places to do just that. But don’t fret, we’ve searched Trover far-and-wide to find you some of the best sun-soaked paradises the world has to offer. 

Dive into Plunge!, a list by Trover CEO, Jason Karas, and discover some of the most beautiful lakes, beaches, waterfalls, and more from over 35 countries across the globe. Surely, there’s a place for you to check out this summer:

Plunge! – a photo list by Jason Karas

But if you’re more of a sit-by-the-beach kind of kid, then check out these sandy havens around the world, including Spain, Australia, and Indonesia. Sun, sand, and surf never looked so good, and these Trovers know all the deets on where to dip your toes and get that sunkissed sparkle that’ll make you the envy of all your friends— just ask!

Life's A Beach Screenshot

And if we still haven’t nailed it, we just uncovered this sweet list of swimming holes by Dan Rose, it’s sure to cure your summertime Waterlust. So dive in, have a splash and a blast this summer. You deserve it.

Do you have a special place you like to plunge in the summertime, a beachy paradise you know is simply the best, or a secret swimming hole that would make even the most seasoned of summertime junkies swoon? Then come share it with us on Trover! And don’t be shy, tell your friends and join the fun on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook today.