New Photo Sweepstakes – Show Us Your Architecture #Details

Share your photo-worthy #Details of architecture & design for a chance to win $1500 for travel! We’re in search of your travel finds that deserve a closer look! From exotic interiors boasting intricate carvings to the glowing jewel tones of stunning stained glass, show us your decorative design #Details from around the globe. Be sure to include an exact location and travel tip about your discovery to help your fellow explorers find your delightful #Details.

Have you seen the swirling ceilings of a Gaudi masterpiece or the twirly toes of Buddha in repose? Meander through your photo memories and share the hidden gems that we might have missed along the way. Show us the spots where there’s a surprise overhead or we can get nose to nose with a lucky find. Share your discoveries bursting with #Details to win $1500 for travel!

Share your photos by Apr 24, 2018. Write a few lines about your discovery and tag each one #Details to enter our sweepstakes for a $1500 Expedia Travel Prize. The more you share, the better your chances.

#Details Photo Sweepstakes – a photo list by Trover

How to Enter the #Details Photo Sweepstakes:

1) Upload an original photo of an interesting discovery or experience that prominently features the color red or fits the #Red theme. You can upload to or the iOS App or Android AppBe sure to upload before the contest ends at 11.59 p.m. PT on 24 April 2018.

2) Write a couple of lines about your discovery. This could be details about the destination or activity, tips on how to find it or what to do there, or any interesting facts or stories about your discovery. Include “#Details” in the description field.

3) Et voila! You’re entered to win the $1500 Expedia voucher!

This is a Sweepstakes. The more eligible photos you upload, the higher your chance of winning!

This sweepstake is only open to NEW Trover photos. Add yours by April 24th to be considered! 

Read sweepstakes terms and conditions.

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