#NationalPark Photo Contest

They’re awesome. They’re organic. They’re breathtakingly beautiful.

And they’re found all around the world.

What are we talking about? National Parks, of course!

This month we are especially excited about these majestic, naturally stunning areas of the world and are celebrating by hosting a #NationalPark Photo Contest!

Between April 14 and 28, we want you to upload the best shots you’ve taken in any national park around the world. $1500 is up for grabs, which gives you around 1500 reasons to participate.


How do you enter?

1) Upload an original photo taken at a national park to Trover.

2) Write a great description about your photo and experience. This could be anything from travel tips you may have for other visitors to your general impressions and memories of the place.

3) Include “#NationalPark” in the details field.

4) Voilà–you’re entered to win $1500!

For a more detailed explanation of how to enter a Trover contest, check out our How to Enter a Trover Contest blog post.

Also, just know that this contest is a sweepstakes. The more awesome national park photos you upload, the better your chances of winning!

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on April 28.

Already posted some national park photos to Trover? That’s great! Just edit your photo to include “#NationalPark” in the description, and they’ll be entered for the contest.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

Questions? Talk to us at feedback@trover.com.