May 2018 Trover Travel Scholarship

We are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us. To honor the vibrancy and value that each of you brings to Trover, we created the $500 Trover Travel Scholarship. Each month, we award it to one traveler who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.

This month, we’re thrilled to award the Trover Travel Scholarship to A World to Explore!

Woman SmilingMeet Tine, the passionate traveler behind A World to Explore! This Danish biologist and travel blogger is the founder of the Danish Travel Bloggers network and recently defended her master’s thesis in Animal Physiology. Congratulations, Tine!

Tine started her first solo backpacking trip seven years ago. Traveling for both studies abroad and her own adventures, Tine has racked up visits to more than 35 countries on 6 continents. She loves to get into nature, trek, see wildlife, and camp, adding “I appreciate a hot shower when I get home, as well.” We love the colorful captures and off-the-beaten-path travel tips that A World of Backpacking contributes to the Trover community. We asked her to share a few notes about her travels and favorite discoveries she’s shared on Trover. Take it away, Tine. . .

Monkey Island, Vietnam
One of my favorite countries—Vietnam! I had heard a lot of different opinions about Halong Bay and some even told me to skip it. I tried to plan after the weather and had a wonderful trip. The landscape was breathtaking and I loved every second of it. I couldn’t get enough. . . The nature was more stunning than I expected and the country kept surprising me.

Panoramic view of sandy shoreline, islands and bright blue water.

Monkey Island, Vietnam. Photo by A World to Explore

Kuang Si Falls, Laos
Kuang Si waterfall was one of the reasons why I went to Laos. We went early in the morning and there were hardly any tourists at that time. My travel mates had heard about a “secret” pool at the end of the first drop. We found it. It was stunning, and we had it all to ourselves! One of my best memories from Laos.

Woman standing at base of waterfall

Louangphabang, Laos. Photo by A World to Explore

Western Australia
Australia is another favorite of mine! There are so many hidden gems and I just love the nature and the wildlife. I often hear that photographers need to plan their photos, but this is an example of not planning and how it sometimes can be better. We had to find a place to sleep. It had to be cheap and close by, so we chose a random campsite. There was only one other car. Early in the morning, I was awoken by the rays of the sun and this was the view I woke up to. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a photo. I just love the lighting and the kangaroos in this photo.

Kangaroo bathed in sunlight

Lake Darlot, Australia. Photo by A World to Explore

Follow A World to Explore on Trover to keep up with Tine’s upcoming travels to China and Sri Lanka. You can also catch Tine on Instagram and get great travel tips on her blog A World to Explore—if your Danish is a little rusty, just click the handy translate button!

Thank you to A World to Explore for sharing hidden gems and fascinating insights from Southeast Asia, Australia, and beyond! We can’t wait to see your next adventure. Enjoy the $500 for travel!


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