March 2018 Trover Travel Scholarship

We are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us. To honor the vibrancy and value that each of you brings to Trover, we created the $500 Trover Travel Scholarship. Each month, we award it to one traveler who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.

This month, we’re thrilled to award the Trover Travel Scholarship to Jeff Larson!

Who is Jeff Larson? This adventurer, freelance photographer and designer is a Utah native putting down roots in the Pacific Northwest. We asked Jeff to tell us a bit about himself and the discoveries he’s shared on Trover and to give us the scoop on his upcoming travels and photo tips. Take it away, Jeff . . .

Man wearing beanie hat holding Nikon camera

I’m an adventure and landscape photo junky from Utah, currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I love traveling to new places and capturing memories. Being new to the PNW, I found Trover was a great resource to help discover new and exciting locations to visit. I was happy to see I joined a community of passionate travelers from all over the world.

My travels are inspired by the sense of adventure I get when visiting a new place for the first time, the people you meet along the way, and being able to experience the diverse beauty that surrounds us. For me, photography is a great way to capture those priceless memories. 

Collage of Rocky Shoreline, Cabin on Calm lake, and striated desert

A few of Jeff’s favorite discoveries he’s shared on Trover. (Left to right: Dramatic Oregon coastlines, morning reflections in British Columbia, and otherworldly formations in northern Arizona).

One of my most memorable trips is when I traveled to China a few years back for several months. A close friend who split his time between Salt Lake City and Utah invited me to come hang out in China—I jumped at the opportunity and I’m so glad I did—it was an amazing experience. It was my first international trip and made the experience so memorable. The culture was different than anything I had experienced before, especially when traveling to smaller villages outside of the major cities. I really fell in love with the sights, the people, and the food, and it was incredible to get to experience the trip more as a local than a tourist. One of the challenges of the trip was the language barrier, which made getting around on my own a bit of a struggle, but also added to the adventure of it all. I really hope to go back one day.

I hope to inspire others to get out and have their own adventures! The biggest tip I can offer for capturing compelling images is to be patient, but ready. I’ve found that sometimes you need to thoroughly explore an area to connect with it and recognize the subtle beauty that you might pass by in a hurry. More often than not, I have to travel to a location many times before coming away with a photo that I’m happy with.

Waterfall surrounded by lush forest

“The Columbia River Gorge was one of the first places I explored when I moved to the PNW, and is still one of my favorites. I remember during my first trip there just being absolutely mesmerized by the dense lush forest and beautiful waterfalls that seemed to be around every corner.” —Jeff Larson

This year, I plan on exploring more remote locations in the Northwest, including plans to backpack the Olympic Peninsula’s northern coast and a couple of trips to explore remote spots in the North Cascades. I’d also like to sneak in an international trip this year, either to the Italian Dolomites, the French Alps, or Patagonia.

Be sure to follow Jeff on Trover to keep up with his adventures and see the spectacular discoveries he’s sharing! You can also catch Jeff on Instagram and check out his website to see more of his epic photography. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your travel finds and gorgeous photography with the Trover community. Enjoy the $500 for travel! We hope it helps fuel your next adventure.


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