Kristin Repsher’s “Adventures For The Uncoordinated”

You may not be ready to embark on your own worldly adventure just yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from tapping your inner explorer now. You can still uncover the beauty and wonder of the world with a little help from fellow Trovers like Kristin Repsher. Check out her recent blog post: How Trover Helped Me Plan My California Road Trip.

CA Road Tripping Screen shot

Kristin, a Texas-born now Australian-citizen, has traveled across nine countries to experience some incredible activities, such as backcountry hiking in Canada and dogsledding in the Arctic. After attending college in the states, Kristin packed up and moved to Australia where she worked for about five years before jumping back into the Game of Travels, yet again. Now, she is sharing her love for travel, photography, and writing with us on Trover and her Boots and a Backpack blog.

Cursed by a self-proclaimed clumsiness gene, Kristin has suffered some during her travels abroad. She incurred a concussion in England, and a broken leg in Sweden when chasing down a bus. Kristin’s first travel tip: buses can hurt.

Yet her love for adventure and backcountry hiking seems to keep her going despite her so-called lack of coordination, which clearly hasn’t stopped her from sharing her amazing photos and stories with us. In fact her trip to Emerald Lake in British Columbia got a finalist spot in our #TroveOn Contest.

So we asked Kristin to share other travel tips with Trovers, and she responded with, “Just do it! If you want to travel, then you should. What are you more likely to regret in the long run—taking the chance and having some experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise had, or putting it off so you could wait to have more savings?”

So go ahead—take the chance, and make the change. Just be sure to bring Trover along for the wild ride, so as Kristin says, “[you can take] a collection of photos with a purpose, and that purpose was to inspire others to travel.” Nicely said Kristin!