Hawaii: 7 Secret Places for You

Hawaii is our dream vacation: the beaches, vistas, flora and fauna, and endless activities make it a top vacation destination year after year. While you might have to brave the throngs on crowded beaches and wait in line at restaurants, there a few places that remain hidden for you to discover. Take a look at our top secret places in Hawaii to consider for your next vacation.

 Waipio Valley, Big Island

Known as the Valley of the Kings, this lush valley was the birthplace and residence of Hawaiian kings for centuries. Enjoy the great view from the lookout above or brave one of the world’s steepest roads in a 4×4. No other vehicles allowed.


Photo by Kaylee Spinhirn.



Hana Highway, Maui

The old road on Maui that leads to Hana can be slow with some twist and turns, but it is worth a visit. Here you can visit a Hawaii that is long gone. Stop for banana bread.


Photo by Tim & Nat.


Just off the shores of Maui, Lanai was once owned by the Dole family and still known as Pineapple island.


Photo by John Koylak.


This less visited island is infamous for a leper colony run at one time by St. Damian. The colony is long gone, but this beautiful quiet island remains a wonderful vacation destination.


Photo by  Amanda Cramer.

Puako Petroglyph Archaeological District

Hundreds of ancient rock carvings are scattererdover large rocks at Waikoloa Beach on the southern shore of the Big Island.


Photo by Mark Rentz.

Kukaniloko Birthing Stones

Thought to be a possible Hawaiian Stonehenge, this sacred area on Oahu was used as a birthing place for Hawaiian kings.


Photo by Vemsheree Holganza-Martin.

Waimea, Big Island

Did you know that Hawaii has its own cowboys? The high country of Waimea on Maui is home to cattle ranches and paniolo culture.


Photo by John Kotylak.

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