Follow Friday on Trover!

It’s been a great for all on the trove with our restaurant contest kick-off bringing so many new faces!

For this week, we’d like to highlight just a few of our new, fantastic users you should be following.

1 . Megan Kennedy

PicMonkey Collage of Megan KennedyMegan is a blogger, photographer and experience collector from Vancouver, BC, Canada who enjoying seeking out travel that’ll get her heart pumping! She’s been sharing stunning local scenes from her home country with us on the trove this week. Follow her and check out her blog–you’ll be sure to learn something new about America’s friendly neighbor up north!



2. Star Sarmiento

PicMonkey Collage of Star SarmientoStar is a talented photographer who hails from a place called Iligan City in the tropical paradise of the Philippines. Star has been extremely generous with her discoveries and includes such rich information, travel tips, and personal perspective with her photos. Follow her as she beautifully narrates her travels through her country!

Photo of Trover user Star Sarmiento


3. Kate Rijsenbrig

Kate RijsenbrigKate is a solo female traveler who marries her hobbies of food and photography very well. Although she only jumped onto the trove this week, we are already in love with the scrumptious food discoveries she’s been sharing. Our mouths have been watering and our tummies have been demanding to be fed.

Food by Kate Rijsenbrig


4. Annamaria Cristofanon

annamaria cristofanonAnnamaria is an Italian gal posting cool, unique discoveries from her motherland, Morocco, and France. If you need ideas on some off-the-beaten-path locations in Italy to visit or just some awesome views from places around the world you may not have even have known existed, check out Anna’s trove!

Annamaria Cristofanon


5. Andy Yee

Andy YeeAndy is an Aussie from the world famous Sydney who seems to always be on the move–he just got back from Carnival in Cuba and a coast-to-coast USA road trip, and is planning to head out to Japan for snow monkeys and ice festivals. Way to be cool. You’ll probably regret not clicking the follow button on this quality travel photographer’s Trover profile.

Andy Yee Photos


6. Wendy

Wendy from TroverWendy is a travel enthusiast from Manila who is dazzling us with her incredible, global views of the world. She’s currently posting a ton of photos from all over South East Asia but we know her travel stories aren’t confined to that region of the world. Find her and follow her–that’s what we’d recommend.



7. Yagiza Neo

Yagiza NeoDon’t let the mundane, green apples profile pic fool you–Yagiza Neo is a Trover who need to be following. Why? Yagiza is not only a fantastic photographer and blogger (check out the blog!) in terms of quality pics, but this prolific traveler is sharing incredibly unique photos of the world too. Warning: these are not your standard tourist pictures. Take a look for yourself.

Yagiza Neo photos


8. Terry Myles

Terry MylesTerry is an amateur photographer, dad, and designer hailing from the city of Edmonton in Canada. This week, he’s been posting some colorful, scenic discoveries from all over North America and has been giving us some fantastic travel tips and advice too! Visit his trove and check out his blog to glean the travel wisdom.

Photos by Terry Myles


9. Crienoloog

CrienoloogCrienoloog is a dutch travel junkie who really has an eye for aesthetics! His discoveries from his trip down to South America have been adding some extra color into our lives and are fueling our wanderlust towards the South. If you need some ideas about what to check out down there, Crienoloog is your guy! Check out his trove and his blog!



10. David Kingham

David Kingham

David is a nomadic photographer who is dedicating his time to exploring the American West. This week, he’s been showcasing his amazing work by sharing his unbelievable photos from the bucket-list-worthy Zion National Park in Utah. Stay tuned into this guy’s trove and blog–you won’t regret it.

David Kingham's photos


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