Follow Friday on Trover

The week is over, which means the weekend and a Follow Friday wrap up.

Here are 5 of many awesome Trovers who you, if you haven’t already, need to follow!

1. Anne Orceo-Pecson

Anne Orceo-Pecson

Anne is a Trover who is connected to two pretty different areas of the world: Sweden and the Philippines! This week, she’s been sharing some great shots from Stockholm and Puerta Princesa and including some great background info for all of us travel geeks. Connect with Anne on Trover today!

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2. Christer Olsen

christer olsen

Christer is a Norwegian from a small town called Aukra who really has an eye for photography. Capturing everything from the northern lights, to the winding, mountainous paths, to the pristine wilderness, Christer really has us wanderlusting after Norway. Find Christer on Trover today and you’ll see what we mean!

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3. Colby Brown

colby brown

Colby is Coloradan who is full time photographer, photo educator, and author. He’s specifically into landscape, travel and humanitarian photography and has been stunning all of us with his beautiful discoveries on Trover. His complete profile is something you definitely want to see.

colby brown

4. Lisa R Charles

Lisa R Charles

Lisa is a gal from Florida who likes to tell a story via the lens. So far, she’s been posting some great local gems from Orlando, Florida proving that you don’t always have to go far to discover awesome things! Check out Lisa’s complete Trover profile here.

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5. Amanda Moore

amanda moore

Amanda is a superb photographer from Sydney, Australia who identifies as “an artist of all sorts.” On her trove, you’ll find a ton of incredible and colorful coastal scenes from Down Under and some useful info about the locations themselves. Start following Amanda!

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