Follow Friday on Trover

Here are 5 Trovers you should connect with this week!

1. Divya Desa/ blehlovesfood


Divya is a world traveler hailing from Mumbai, India who has been working in the hospitality industry “since she was barely legal.” This hardcore foodie is all about the culinary experience and record all of her global gastronomic adventures in her blog blehlovesfood. Start following this taste tester on Trover today!


2. Marianne Rogerson


Marianne is a mom of two who is currently based in Hong Kong! This freelance writer has been all over the globe and earned a wealth of travel knowledge. This week, Marianne has been sharing discoveries from her current base in HK and also many local Australian gems. Stay tuned for more from this prolific traveler!


3. Bill Eaker


Bill is an elementary school teacher who loves to explore his surroundings and share shots of the beauty right around him! This week, Bill has been posting a ton of scenic discoveries from around the U.S. and is showing us some awesome local spots to hit up. Find him on Trover and start getting some great ideas for for your outdoors adventures!


4. Brianna Simmons


Brianna hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and enjoys travel and food. This week, she’s been sharing delicious photos at restaurants and cafés from the state of Louisiana and offering some tips for getting the optimal food experience. Food lovers, start following Brianna today–you won’t regret it!


5. Barb


Barb is a photographer and travel addict from the state of Connecticut who’s been dazzling us with wanderlust-worthy shots. From shots of Venetian canals, to gorgeous Italian architecture, to coastal Portuguese scenes, Barb’s collection of travel awesomeness is extensive and beautiful. Check out her trove today!


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