Follow Friday on Trover

Here are 5 travelers who’ve been sharing some awesome discoveries on Trover this week!

1. Marion MacQueen


Marion is an Aussie who chose overseas living because she loves both travel and home. This international teacher truly warrants the “international” title, as she has set foot in at least 20 countries! Find Marion on Trover today and glean the wisdom from this seasoned-traveler!


2. Morag Gardner


Morag is a Trover with a spirit so adventurous it landed her in Saudi Arabia! After moving over to the Middle East for work from Scotland, Morag has been seizing the opportunity to explore countries like Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE. Start following her today and get some awesome insight about those places!


3. Niall Douglas


Niall is a traveler with a serious case of wanderlust. Although hailing from the UK, Niall has been showcasing the rest of the world on his trove. From Portugal, to China, to India, he’s been sharing the best of everywhere he’s been. Check out his trove!


4. Timothy Howard


Timothy is a man on a mission–a mission to visit all the national parks in the US. In fact, he even has a YouTube channel dedicated to it! This week, Timothy’s already posted a bunch of shots of places he’s ticked off, but you’ll have to stay tuned for the rest of his adventure. Find him on Trover today!


5. TraveStyle

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TraveStyle, a.k.a. Matin, is a graphic designing travel blogger from Iran who knows how to frame and take a beautiful shot! So far, she’s shared a couple of local gems from her home country and we’re already hooked! Start following TraveStyle today and prepare yourself for some awesome international scenes to come.


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