Follow Friday

TGIF, am I right?

To help you with your weekend wanderlusting, here are 5 Trovers should be following on the trove:

1. Lune Travel Blog


Hailing from Winnipeg, Jill is a travel blogger who loves to explore the world vintage-style. Along with her husband and two kids, Jill rides her Boler trailer to see and experience new things. This week, she’s been sharing some awesome local gems from New York. Find her on Trover and click that follow button!


2. Mel T


A former travel industry worker, Mel is most certainly someone who has experience the condition of wanderlust. Right now, she is exploring the field of photography and, if we may say so, is totally rockin’ it! Find Mel and her incredible shots on Trover today.


3. Greg Baker


Greg is an amateur photographer from the northeastern Australian state of Queensland. He has been stunning us with his not-so-amateur shots of Australia and great descriptions of the scenes he’s posting. Stay tuned for more of Greg’s Aussie adventures on Trover!


4. Brett Steele


Brett is another Trover who lives and breathes travel–he’s been in the travel industry for 12 years and still has the bug. His trove is full of discoveries from all around the world including one of his favorite regions of the world: Latin America. Check out Brett’s trove today!


5. Katische Haberfield

Katische Haberfield

Katische is an Aussie photographer and writer who loves to all variations of travel! Whether she’s by herself, with her kids, or with her partner, Katische knows how to make the most out of a travel experience. This week, Katische has been posting gorgeous shots from her part of the world: Oceania. Start following her on the trove today!


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