Follow Friday: 10 Trovers You Should be Following

Happy Friday, everyone! Another week has passed and we get to recommend another set of people who have been troving some sweet new discoveries.

If you aren’t already following these guys on Trover, get on it!

1. Danielle Isbell


Danielle is a passionate photographer from Seattle who is dreaming a dream we are oh-so familiar with: the dream of traveling around the world and back. She’s already been documenting her travels to South America and Europe, but with a big dream like that, there will obviously be more to come from Danielle.


2. Fawn Murray

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I want to make memories all of the world. I love an adventure whether it’s far far away or right in my backyard.

Fawn just jumped onto the trove this week and has been proving her love of capturing adventurous memories. If you don’t take our word for it, check out her trove!


3. Little Blue Rucksack

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Meet Kunal! He says he was bitten by the travel bug at birth, and we believe it! Hailing from Toronto, Kunal has been diligently exploring his home country of Canada and, of course, the whole wide world too.


4. Jill Loeffler

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If there was an expert on San Francisco, it would be Jill. The founder of, Jill most definitely knows how to do SF right. However, her travel expertise doesn’t stop there. This globetrotter is sharing insight about attractions in Turkey, Greece, China, and Costa Rica among many other places.


5. Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

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Elizabeth is an eclectic mix of awesome! A writer, culinary travel photojournalist, and social media strategist who is currently living in Thailand, Elizabeth is an adventurous woman of many talents. And of course, she loves all things travel–something we love to hear. Find her on Trover today!


6. Irina Gureevaorig (5)

Hailing from Russia, Irina is an Eastern and Central Europe expert. From Serbia, to Montenegro, to Hungary, Irina will take you on a beautiful tour of this picturesque area of the world. See more of her photos on Trover!



orig (6)

This traveling duo’s goal is to work less and explore more. We think that’s pretty cool. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, these two have been sharing incredible shots from around the world. Follow these passionate adventurers and their exciting escapades today!


8. Kevin Hogue

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I decided at 50 to see more of the world and devote less time to my career! Just the opposite of most, I suppose. Don’t want to be in my old age and regret not going places.

Kevin may have gotten the travel bug a little later in life, but he’s certainly working hard to make up for any lost travel time! So far, he’s hit up places like French Polynesia, India, and Chile and is generously sharing his travel stories on the trove.

kevin.jpg9. Nancy Morrissey

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Since Nancy jumped onto the trove, she’s been totally killin’ it! As a local American, she’s been sharing the beauty she comes into contact with everyday. Her trove is full of local gems from Florida and South Carolina–you should check it out!

10. Pooja Sharma


Last, but certainly not least, we have Pooja from Mumbai! She is giving incredible insight on places around the world you may not have even heard of. As a native of Indian, Pooja has the local perspective that you may want if you like to travel deeper.


And there we have it! There were so many great Trovers this week so this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of the awesome people we see on Trover. You’ll have to jump onto the trove catch the rest.

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