Fight the Inertia – Building a Personal Travel Writing Brand


Lisa and George Rajna swim with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

Lisa Niver Rajna and George Rajna, founders of We Said Go Travel, host travel storytelling contests for emerging travel writers.

They shared a few minutes with Trover on building a personal travel brand. Here are a few gems from our chat.

You and George have established quite a travel blog together. What advice would you give to someone considering a travel blog of their own?

Lisa: Thank you! We have been fortunate to have so many travelers choose to share their stories with us through our website and contests. My advice for someone considering a travel blog of their own would be to just start. The inertia against beginning is one of the hardest things for most people. There are many choices to be made but you can always refine your site later.

Pick a day of the week and post once a week somewhere. Once you begin, you can figure out the next pieces. As they say, “Every journey begins with one step.”

One great first step would be our travel-writing contests. The “Gratitude” contest begins September 11. It has a free entry and $1,000 USD in cash prizes. All contest entries that meet our requirements will be published on our site.

How essential is photography these days in the travel blogging world? Is it possible to get away with stock images?

Lisa: For George and I, using our own photos and writing about where we have personally been is essential. We recently heard about a writer who wrote about places she has never been and uses creative commons photos. For us and our site, if you are going to share about how a place transforms you, you need to have actually been there!

George: However, if personal photos are not an option, we would recommend using creative commons on Flickr or another site where usage is permitted.

When did you know you were a Traveler, and not just someone taking a trip?

George: I realized I was a traveler when my rationale for traveling changed from being someone that wanted to just relax or hang out to learning about other cultures and peoples.

Lisa: During the years I worked for Club Med and on cruise ships, I realized that being away was a lifestyle choice. My manager had been at sea for twenty years. I started to consider that I could invent whatever plan worked for me. Traveling with George and being on the road feels like home! is a community of travelers and travel writers, co-founded by Lisa Niver Rajna and George Rajna. We Said Go Travel strives to inspire and inform about all parts of our planet.

The Rajnas are currently traveling from Asia towards Los Angeles and speaking at the Festival of the Pacific. Follow them on Trover to share their Pacific adventures.