February 2018 Trover Travel Scholarship

We are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us. To honor the vibrancy and value that each of you brings to Trover, we created the $500 Trover Travel Scholarship. Each month, we award it to one traveler who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.

This month, we’re thrilled to award the Trover Travel Scholarship to Veerle Evens!

Who is Veerle Evens? She’s a born adventurer, as well as a lifestyle and food photographer based out of the UK. Growing up on a freight ship navigating European canals, Veerle has “always been a keen traveler.” Veerle shares details of growing into the explorer she is today, how she’s simplified her camera gear, and what’s next on her travel to-dos! Take it away, Veerle . . .

Smiling Woman with Blonde HairGrowing up on the ship, I was introduced to other cultures and languages from very young, and attending local schools for skipper’s kids only made the interest in those things stronger. As soon as I could travel on my own, I traveled to Berlin, London & Budapest. After I finished University, I hopped straight on the plane to Australia, where I met Chris, my now husband. He’s British (and I’m Dutch), so after 1 1/2 years back and forth of living in Australia, I moved back to the UK with him. He is luckily just as travel-mad as I am, so it never takes long convincing either of us to go on another adventure!

Next up on our travel list is Malaysia. Chris has a lot of family there, and we’re incredibly lucky that we often stay with them when we’re over there and experience the real Malaysia. They know the best street food markets, the most picturesque villages and which mountains to climb for the best views. And, they’re all crazy about food, just like us, so we’re all basically eating our way around the place. I can’t wait! We’re also planning to escape next winter and hibernate in the Southern Hemisphere, visiting our friends and family Down Under and in New Zealand.

Collage of sea turtle, island view, rolling hillside and seaside swimming pool.

Veerle’s favorite discoveries include quiet moments and meditative nature views. (Left to right: Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, view from the top at Japan’s Iwafunedake, exploring close to home in Hay Bluff, Wales, and soaking it all in at Australia’s Bondi Iceberg Pools.)

When I first started traveling, I used to lug around quite a bit of my equipment: I’m a freelance photographer, so I’ve got a lovely selection of different lenses and more. But it’s also a lot of weight, and the last thing you want to happen is to be put off by carrying kilos of gear around and getting tired, or even worse, that you leave your camera at home. I’ve now simplified my travel kit to only my body, and my 50mm 1.4 lens. If I know I’ll be in a mountainous area, I might bring along my 35mm 2.0 instead, so my shots can be a bit wider.

Sunset view of rolling hills

“We decided to take the local route back through the Troodos Mountains, the highest mountain range of Cyprus… As we were driving the sun was setting, and we were treated to this beautiful golden light transforming the valleys and mountains around us…” —Veerle Evens

Often though, I find that carrying just one fixed lens focuses my mind and makes me take more creative shots, as you have to work with what you’ve got. A small lens like the 50 or 35 mm is also less intrusive than a big zoom lens, so if you’re photographing people, you might be able to capture them in a true moment without disturbing them.

Veerle notes that she “loves the Trover community for its eagerness to share undiscovered, special spots, wherever you are in the world. Whenever I travel to a new place, I make sure I check out what my fellow Trovers have shared with the community. The people on the platform want to discover the local gems, rather than stand in queues to take the same photo of a tourist attraction that thousands of other people have taken before you. The community inspires me, and I hope I can give some back with my discoveries!

Be sure to follow Veerle on Trover to see where she heads next—Iceland, Canada, and Portugal are on her shortlist! You can also find Veerle on Instagram or see more examples of her elegant photography at VeerleEvens.com. Thank you, Veerle, for sharing your unique discoveries and fascinating travel stories with the Trover community. Enjoy the $500 for travel! We can’t wait to see your next travel find!


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