Dazzling Street Art & Murals Around the Globe

From hyper-realistic portraits to political calls to action to photogenic, patterned walls, street art and murals capture the vibrant essence of the communities they belong to. Street art offers an honest, untamed look into a destination’s culture, whether it’s tucked within side streets and alleyways or stretched across entire buildings.

For the muralists, art lovers and those who appreciate colorful walls filled with personality, we’ve assembled just a few of the many eye-catching street art finds on Trover. These discoveries feature street are so bold it seems to jump right off of the the wall, or, in this case, the screen.

1. George Town, Malaysia

Photo by Jess Buchan

2. The L.I.S.A. Project in New York City

Photo by Jason Levine

3. Villars-Fontaine, France

Photo by JessDems

4. Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, California

Photo by Mark & Kylee

5. Birmingham, England

6. Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

7. The Bogota Graffiti Tour in Bogota, Colombia

Photo by Travel Pixelz

8. Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo by Adam Warner

9. Craiova, Romania

Photo by Sasa Nikolic

10. Shoreditch, London, England

Photo by Bettina Dyer

For those looking to stumble upon more bold street art, murals, and city scenes, check out the Trover tag #UrbanJungle. Discover the Best of Everywhere, and share your own discoveries with us on desktopiOS, or Android!