Caution: Trover’s All-New iPad App Can Be Addictive!


We’d like to make a confession: we can’t stay in one place.We’re always moving – seeking another adventure, another sublime destination.

We like to think that’s a good thing.

We’ve traveled across Europe and Mongolia with The Planet D. Swayed with the summertime tunes of happy road musicians Bellow.Wing.Strangely. Pursued gorgeous vegan delicacies with Kate Stella.

Everywhere, we’re looking for new and wonderful ways to see the world. And today, we’re proud to unveil a completely fresh way to do just that.

Announcing our all-new iPad experience. It’s made for slick browsing and effortless exploration across our world of content. It’s like a glossy travel magazine, filled with any destination you desire.

Go ahead and indulge. Put your feet up, grab your iPad, and glide around the world with Trover, your ever-fresh travel magazine.

Just a small warning… be prepared to get lost. These gorgeous photos and stories can be addicting.

Happy travels!