State Fairs: 7 Festivals of Food and Fun

Nothing says old fashioned fun like a state fair. Started in the United States during 19th century to showcase agricultural achievements, the first state fair was held in 1841 in Syracuse, New York. Today’s state fairs include rides and amusements along with music and entertainment. The other great activity at a state fair? Food of course! Here are Trover’s blue ribbon picks for some of the best state fairs in the US:

1. Washington State Fair

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Photo by Quinton Doroquez.

2. South Carolina State Fair


Photo by Elza Hayen.

3. Minnesota State Fair


Photo by Angelica B.

4. Utah State Fair


Photo by Ryan Miller.

5. Iowa State Fair


Photo by Jumpseat Explorer.

6. Texas State Fair


Photo by Brittany Willis.

7. North Carolina State Fair


Photo by Niko Batista.

Feeling festive? More choices for celebrating here. 

We have more festivals to see here and check out this list from our very own Julia here.  And as always, come on over to to share your awesome travel photos.

Follow Friday: Introducing Rachel Samanyi

Hello there, Trovers!

Today, we want to introduce you to Rachel Samanyi: our Follow Friday-er for this week.


Hometown: Born in Tanzania. Currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Occupation: Occupational Therapist.

Do you prefer solo travel, couples travel, or travel with friends? Why? I prefer to travel with my husband and our adorable dog Coco (a Lhasa Apso). Traveling with him makes me feel more safe and that I’m not alone when exploring these new places. I also love the fact that I get to experience these cool places with my husband.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Zanzibar (a beautiful tropical island in East Africa).
Trover photo by Margy Moore

Trover photo by Margy Moore

What’s your craziest travel mishap story? Went chasing Auroras (Northern Lights) in the Okanogan Forest one time. The weatherman said we are going to have clear skies that night and the chance of seeing the Northern Lights was excellent from that area. When we got there, we got hammered with the craziest snow ever! Didn’t see anything that night! But we were able to see the Auroras the following night!  It was breathtaking. I’ll never forget that night.

Why do you like Trover? It’s so cool! It has helped me to discover these cool places that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to!

When traveling, it is most important to…always prepare yourself for anything and most of all— just have fun! 

rachel samanyi

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Follow Friday: Introducing World of Voyage

For this week’s follow Friday, we have decided to highlight one inspiring, wanderlusting Trover.

Meet World of Voyage!

world of voyage

Name: Christina Czubak

Hometown: I’m lucky enough to be from a city considered one of the most beautiful in the world: Paris. But I’m currently traveling my way around the world between Europe, Asia and Australia.

Occupation: I became a full time traveller in 2014 after my studies.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever eaten while traveling? I’ve been to the best place for weird food (Bangkok) but I still haven’t tried scorpions or cockroaches yet! Still, as I’m French, I like stuffed snails amongst other things. I think that’s quite weird!

What’s your #1 way of connecting with locals in new places? Smile!! Smiling is an international language. Wherever you are and whether you speak the language of the country you’re exploring or not, the locals will be more open-minded towards someone who looks happy. That’s the key to every conversation!

What is the scariest thing you’ve done while traveling? Traveling solo through South East Asia. Landing in a country I didn’t know anything about (except for a few historical highlights), where I couldn’t speak the same language as the locals, and where I didn’t know how the locals would behave was a very confusing and scary experience because I was completely lost.

Why I like Trover: Trover is one of my favorite travel app as it helps me to plan my journeys and look for not only the highlights of a specific place but also the hidden gems spotted by other users. It’s a great helpful community for any wanderluster as you’ll almost always find the exact location of a place of a picture you’ve liked.

When traveling, it is most important to…keep your eyes wide open and say yes to every adventure, as it might turn into one of the best experiences of your life. fixedw_large_4x (11)

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Here are 5 of many awesome Trovers who you, if you haven’t already, need to follow!

1. Anne Orceo-Pecson

Anne Orceo-Pecson

Anne is a Trover who is connected to two pretty different areas of the world: Sweden and the Philippines! This week, she’s been sharing some great shots from Stockholm and Puerta Princesa and including some great background info for all of us travel geeks. Connect with Anne on Trover today!

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Follow Friday

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To help you with your weekend wanderlusting, here are 5 Trovers should be following on the trove:

1. Lune Travel Blog


Hailing from Winnipeg, Jill is a travel blogger who loves to explore the world vintage-style. Along with her husband and two kids, Jill rides her Boler trailer to see and experience new things. This week, she’s been sharing some awesome local gems from New York. Find her on Trover and click that follow button!


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