Follow Friday: Introducing World of Voyage

For this week’s follow Friday, we have decided to highlight one inspiring, wanderlusting Trover.

Meet World of Voyage!

world of voyage

Name: Christina Czubak

Hometown: I’m lucky enough to be from a city considered one of the most beautiful in the world: Paris. But I’m currently traveling my way around the world between Europe, Asia and Australia.

Occupation: I became a full time traveller in 2014 after my studies.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever eaten while traveling? I’ve been to the best place for weird food (Bangkok) but I still haven’t tried scorpions or cockroaches yet! Still, as I’m French, I like stuffed snails amongst other things. I think that’s quite weird!

What’s your #1 way of connecting with locals in new places? Smile!! Smiling is an international language. Wherever you are and whether you speak the language of the country you’re exploring or not, the locals will be more open-minded towards someone who looks happy. That’s the key to every conversation!

What is the scariest thing you’ve done while traveling? Traveling solo through South East Asia. Landing in a country I didn’t know anything about (except for a few historical highlights), where I couldn’t speak the same language as the locals, and where I didn’t know how the locals would behave was a very confusing and scary experience because I was completely lost.

Why I like Trover: Trover is one of my favorite travel app as it helps me to plan my journeys and look for not only the highlights of a specific place but also the hidden gems spotted by other users. It’s a great helpful community for any wanderluster as you’ll almost always find the exact location of a place of a picture you’ve liked.

When traveling, it is most important to…keep your eyes wide open and say yes to every adventure, as it might turn into one of the best experiences of your life. fixedw_large_4x (11)

Check out Christina’s world bucket list and connect with her on:






Follow Friday on Trover

The week is over, which means the weekend and a Follow Friday wrap up.

Here are 5 of many awesome Trovers who you, if you haven’t already, need to follow!

1. Anne Orceo-Pecson

Anne Orceo-Pecson

Anne is a Trover who is connected to two pretty different areas of the world: Sweden and the Philippines! This week, she’s been sharing some great shots from Stockholm and Puerta Princesa and including some great background info for all of us travel geeks. Connect with Anne on Trover today!

BeFunky Collage

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Follow Friday

TGIF, am I right?

To help you with your weekend wanderlusting, here are 5 Trovers should be following on the trove:

1. Lune Travel Blog


Hailing from Winnipeg, Jill is a travel blogger who loves to explore the world vintage-style. Along with her husband and two kids, Jill rides her Boler trailer to see and experience new things. This week, she’s been sharing some awesome local gems from New York. Find her on Trover and click that follow button!


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Trover Travel Scholarship for April

Whenever someone makes the commitment to travel, it’s not always easy. There are many things to plan out and consider before you hop on a plane and start your adventure.

However, here at Trover, we believe it is always worth it! The experiences gained from traveling are so unique and special and we are so grateful to have a community of travelers who continuously share these moments and memories with us.

In honor of our appreciation of travel and adventure, every month we give out a $500 travel scholarship to a very inspiring and passionate Trover. For this month, we are so excited to award the scholarship to Trover veterans, Stoked for Saturday!



So, who is Stoked for Saturday? This traveling duo consists of Jordan and Jenna–two adventurous Canadians who decided to pack their bags and move to the beautiful country of New Zealand to see what was out there!


Jordan and Jenna have been making use of their time as new “Kiwis” and have been exploring NZ like crazy. We feel so lucky to get to follow them on their adventures via Trover!

Thank you, Jordan and Jenna for sharing your travel lives with us and inspiring us to get out and see the world. Enjoy the $500!

Connect with them on Trover, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram today!

Check out who won the March Trover Travel Scholarship here.

Follow Friday

It’s Friday again, globetrotters, and that means we have a new bunch of follow-worthy Trovers to inspire your weekend adventures. Check out these fine new explorers and follow your favorites!


1. Molly Wolfson

Molly is a new adventurer on Trover whose #1 travel accessory is her bright red lipstick. She loves reading, her cat Theo, and of course travel! She’s got her eye on worldwide travel, having already explored Canada, America and most of Europe. Follow Molly on Trover today!


2. ST Images


ST Images is made up of Sherrin and Tom, two surf-crazy Aussie photographers living the underwater dream. They’re raising two kids on Australia’s Gold Coast, running a surf photography blog and generally living life to the fullest. Follow them on Trover, on Instagram or on their blog.


3. Micah Weber



Micah Weber is a photographer currently living in Santa Barbara, California – when he’s not in South Korea, Paris, Italy, Ireland or Hong Kong. He loves travel because it’s a great way to spend quality time with old friends and make new ones. He’s living life to the utmost and you really want to follow along. Get even more Micah on his website.


4. Jerome Soldo


Jerome is an American who took a trip of a lifetime – through the length and breadth of Central and South America. He and friends hit Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile, and he’s sharing his unforgettable stories with us on Trover. Whether it’s waking up before dawn to witness the sun breaking across volcanos, or diving into rich, icy-blue water… Jerome will inspire your adventurous spirit. Follow him today.


5. Richard Remington


Richard is an American with a talent for wild animal photography. He and his wife travel every chance they get, and he chronicles their adventures with stunning photos of the local fauna. Follow Richard on Trover to indulge your megafauna cravings!


That’s all for this week, folks! If you’re craving more wanderlust fuel, check out last week’s Follow Friday for more adventure.