Plunge! Into Summertime Fun

Where will your summer take you? Thanks to the location-tagged photos on Trover, it’s easy to find the best places to cool off and catch some rays.

Summer is just around the corner, literally! I know, we can hardly believe it ourselves, and we totally see you doing the happy dance—it’s okay, we are too. While everyone knows it’s the best time of year to take a plunge, dip, dive, or swim, not everyone knows the best places to do just that. But don’t fret, we’ve searched Trover far-and-wide to find you some of the best sun-soaked paradises the world has to offer.  Continue reading

Trover Spotlight: Dan Rose Receives Mega-Thanks For Adventure-Seeking Photos

When adventure is calling Dan Rose, a junior at Grand Canyon University, is ready to answer. Bringing along his GoPro camera to capture moments like slipping down Slide Rock Park in Sedona, AZ, zip-lining in Maple Ridge, B.C., or riding the Valley of Waves in Sun City, South Africa.

Already, Dan has captured more than 250 discoveries spanning from the U.S., South Africa, Canada, and Germany, receiving a whopping 2,484 thanks from the Trover community.

But Dan doesn’t just get thanks, he gives them – a lot of them. The hundreds of discoveries he’s thanked thus far are incredible, and showcase some of the most impressive discoveries on Trover. Nice finds Dan!

Dan Rose Thanks Screenshot

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Memorial Weekend: Discover and Rediscover Parks

Memorial weekend is a wonderful time to get the family together to appreciate our veterans and celebrate our beautiful country. And what better way to do so than a visit to one of our many cherished National Parks? We recently told you about Grant Miner and Ryan Jardin Watin, the happily married couple living in the beautiful Yellowstone National Park.

Although most of us don’t have the luck and audacity to secure a permanent address at a National Park, we can still enjoy the awesome beauty of these parks this long weekend with a little help from our Trover community.

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Trover Spotlight: The Real Life of Grant Miner

If you’ve seen the 2013 romantic comedy, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” featuring Ben Stiller, then you may have already daydreamed about embarking on your own global journey for love and honor. Maybe you’ve thought about what type of adventurous, brave and creative person you are, even looking to the likes of James Bond or Indiana Jones for inspiration.

But how many of us would actually turn our somewhat ordinary life into an extraordinary adventure?

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Trover Spotlight: LivingInPostcards Is A Man Who Likes To Wander

Wandering is defined as “traveling aimlessly from place to place,” and that’s exactly how Ryan Jardin Watin, who lives with his husband in Yellowstone National Park likes it. Ryan, known on Trover as “LivingInPostcards” has quite the fan base among our growing community of explorers and travelers – over 400 followers to be exact. The community obviously appreciates LivingInPostcards, as they’ve already showered him with over 1,400 thanks for capturing amazing images and stories across more than 13 countries, including France, Spain, and Thailand.

LivinginPostcards Screenshot

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