April 2016 Trover Travel Scholarship

We are inspired every day by the beautiful discoveries you share with us. To honor the vibrancy and value that each of you bring to Trover, we created the $500 Trover Travel Scholarship. Each month, we award it to one traveler who has particularly inspired us with their photos and stories.

This month, we’re thrilled to award the Trover Travel Scholarship to Aileen Pinkihan Bulahao!



Who is Aileen? She’s an enthusiastic globetrotter, sharing photos from her adventures in 14 European countries (plus the Philippines, because they’re awesome.) She’s one of the original Trovers as well, as she’s been sharing travel photos with us since 2012!

If you’re a fan of Europe, architecture, or positivity, follow Aileen now and savor her stunning discoveries.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with the Trover community, Aileen! We can’t wait to see where your adventures take you next. Enjoy the $500!