Announcing the Trover Travel Scholarship

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A hero is made through adventure. You risk everything by leaving home. Your comfortable life vanishes, and you’re surrounded by unfamiliarity. Your routines are destroyed, and even the simplest things (sleeping! eating!) become a challenge.

But you deliberately do it anyway. Because the newness of everything is also amazing.

To honor the bravery of taking adventures, we hereby announce a new program: the Trover travel scholarship.

At the beginning of every month, we’ll award $500 to a special community member who inspired us to explore.

And the winner of the first-ever Trover travel scholarship… is Completely Wanderlust!


She’s an adventurous photographer and explorer posting gems from New Zealand’s vast outdoor playground. Her discoveries capture the duality of the Kiwi outdoors: the beautiful, vast solitude… and the adrenaline-soaked extreme adventures they host.

Whether your dream travel is full of skydiving and kayaking, or a quiet lakeside retreat, Completely Wanderlust will inspire you to put New Zealand at the top of your bucket list. 

Feeling inspired for your own adventures? Join Trover today – and start fueling your wanderlust.